Union in pictures: Athletics

Union is a Division III school with Division I men's and women's ice hockey.

A volleyball player on the women's team gazes upward in anticipation of the ball heading her way.
A baseball player rounding the bases.
A scene from a women's basketball game featuring Union team players sprinting down the parquet floor.
 A men's football team standing in formation on the field, with some players raising their helmets in salute.
A female swim team member executes a cannonball dive into the pool.

A group of students playing frisbee golf on the lawn, with the library and Nott Memorial visible in the background.
 A runner from the men's cross-country team sprints towards the finish line, determined and focused.
A student perfecting her golf swing at an indoor golf practice simulation.
 A member of the women's tennis team practices her backhand.
A Union lacrosse player on the men's team, holding the ball, tries to evade an opponent.