COVID-19 information

The health of our community is a shared responsibility. Please do your part to limit exposure and spread of illness by following common sense steps such as staying away from campus when you’re ill - whether it’s with COVID-19, the flu or another infectious illness - and getting tested when symptomatic for COVID-19.

  • Return-to-campus testing for students

    All students are encouraged to test for COVID-19 a day or two prior to returning to campus. If positive, students should inform Health Services of their result and isolate at home or away from campus for at least five days, consistent with current CDC guidance.

  • Vaccinations and boosters

    The College no longer requires COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters for members of our community. We recommend that everyone stay up to date on their vaccinations, including boosters, as recommended by their health care provider.

    This change in vaccination policy does not have implications for other policies intended to protect our community, including those related to masking, limiting spread and symptomatic testing.

  • Masking rules
    • We are not going to require that masks be worn in classrooms or other public spaces on campus, but individuals will have the discretion to request that others wear a mask while in small, non-classroom spaces on campus, such as faculty and staff offices and residence hall rooms.
    • While an individual cannot require someone else to wear a mask, being part of a community means that we all care about the welfare of others. In that spirit, we strongly encourage others to be respectful of their colleagues making these requests and to comply whenever possible.
    • Similarly, those requesting that someone be masked should be willing to respect that there may be valid reasons for an individual to choose not to wear a mask. In those instances it may be preferable to conduct the interaction in another manner, such as via email or Zoom.
    • Employees wishing to be considered for a workplace accommodation to allow them to require others to wear masks in their workspaces due to medical concerns should contact HR for details about the process.
    • Additionally, we encourage everyone to be mindful when they are exhibiting mild symptoms of illness on campus and consider wearing a mask when around others in those situations. As a practical matter, we recommend that members of the community keep a mask with them at all times while on campus. Also, we would like to stress again that students and employees should not come to campus when sick, regardless of the illness.