Karp Hall

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"An inspiring space for learning"

– Jamaluddin Aram ’17, award-winning writer

Nearly everything about Karp Hall speaks to the importance of the humanities in a liberal education, from the architectural designs to the wall colors, shape of the furniture and cluster of inviting student alcoves, all of which allow for formal and informal interactions and the exchange of ideas.

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    Here you’ll find faculty offices and classrooms for the departments of English, and Modern Languages and Literatures. The building also serves as an interdisciplinary hub of higher learning for our entire academic community, nurturing teaching that is creative, expansive and intellectually stimulating.

The Union College president lectures in the performance classroom
A student on one of the comfy chairs in Karp Hall
A French class in Karp Hall.
A view of  Karp first floor hallway from the second floor
A student in a Karp Hall classroom answers one of the professor's questions