Roger Harold Hull

The 17th president of Union College

Term: 1990-2005
Academic credentials: B.A., Dartmouth College; LL.B., Yale Law School; LL.M., University of Virginia; J.D., University of Virginia

In 1990, Hull became the 17th president of Union College and Chancellor of Union University. At Union, he helped raise $250 million; oversaw the construction or renovation of 24 buildings, including the iconic Nott Memorial; tripled the College's endowment; created an undergraduate research symposium in which 15% of students presented original research; promoted student volunteer efforts in Schenectady, with 60% participation; had the largest investment in a college's "home town" as a percentage of assets ($26 million) of any college in America, which included the acquisition and renovation of 50 properties and the turning of an industrial brownfield into a greenfield; created a business incubator; established a program in Converging Technologies that brought together engineering and the liberal arts; and formed the Minerva House System, a unique learning/living environment for all faculty and students. As he had in Beloit, Hull devoted time to the city by co-founding Schenectady 2000, which, in turn, led to the revitalization of Downtown Schenectady.

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