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Alumni Admissions

 Makerspace in the Wold Center

Dear Volunteers,

Thank you for all of your efforts to help support the mission of Union College and the Admissions Office. By volunteering you allow us to recruit academically talented, well-rounded, accomplished young people to enroll at Union!

Annually we ask you to renew your alumni admissions volunteer participation, so we’ll be aware of your current availability and interests. To register as a volunteer for the current cycle, please complete our brief Admissions Volunteer Form, including acknowledgement that you have read and agree to our Principles of Good Practice. This form will be available to you each summer.

This website will help you in your interactions with students, including tips for interviewing and attending college fairs. The evaluation form for college fairs is located on this site and can be submitted electronically.

You will also find some valuable resources to help you keep up-to-date on what is going on at Union today! There are videos relating to admissions, financial aid and the Minerva House System. There are also links to student blogs and a quick information guide.

It is my hope that you will find this information helpful as you interact with prospective students and families. Please familiarize yourself with our other admissions staff members who may recruit in your area and contact us with comments and questions.


Susie Hanks
Coordinator of Alumni Admissions

Matthew Masciocchi '19
Coordinator of Alumni Admissions