Admissions Office

College Fairs

Representing Union at a college fair in your area allows you to speak with many families about Union and share important information with prospective students. For many, a college fair is their first contact with Union. Some students will be familiar with the college, while others will not be, so please be encouraging to all who stop to speak with you!

The most successful college fair representatives are welcoming, engaging and happy to have friendly conversations with their visitors, on top of being knowledgeable about Union. Your guidance, information and kindness will be remembered by students and families long after they leave your table at a college fair. We appreciate your time and enthusiasm on behalf of Union.

Please review the following, as you may find them useful when volunteering at a college fair:

These pictures are an idea of how you can set up your college fair table with the box of materials we send you! Please feel free to jazz up your space with any Union paraphernalia you may have. You can also bring your own laptop or iPad and present our slideshow on your college fair table.

How to arrange your materials at a college fair