Admissions Office

College Fair Tips

Quick facts

  • For many students, a college fair is their first contact with Union. Some students will be familiar with the college, others will not be, so please be encouraging to all who stop to speak with you!
  • The most successful college fair representatives are welcoming, engaging and happy to have friendly conversations with their visitors, on top of being knowledgeable about Union. o Click on our Quick Guide to Union for help answering some of the nitty gritty questions.
  • Some quick facts for frequently asked questions at a college fair:
    • Union is SAT/ACT optional. It is up to each student to decide whether or not they choose to submit test scores unless they are applying to the 8 year Medical Program with Albany Med (Leadership in Medicine) or our 3+3 Accelerated Law Program with Albany Law.
    • Middle 50% Range for Old SAT, on the 1600 point scale including just critical reading and math: 1220-1240
    • Middle 50% Range for ACT: 28-32
    • There is no minimum for applicants in regards to class rank, GPA or test scores if submitted. Many factors are considered by the admissions committee including: transcript, extracurricular activities, teacher and counselor recommendations, personal essay, test scores (if submitted) and a personal interview (highly recommended but not required).
  • Your guidance, information and kindness will be remembered by students and families long after they leave your table at a college fair. We appreciate your time and enthusiasm on behalf of Union


  • We will provide you with materials to display on your college fair table. Click on How to Set Up Your Table for examples and suggestions.
  • You will receive: a Union banner, brochures for students and parents to take with them, inquiry cards for interested students to fill out and give back to you, pens, a nametag and volunteer business cards.
  • PLEASE return the banner and any filled out inquiry cards in the provided envelope that is addressed and stamped for you.
  • It is helpful if you arrive about 30 minutes prior to the start of the fair to allow you time to find your table and set up your materials. Remember to wear comfortable shoes as you will likely be on your feet the whole time to greeting families and students


  • Some questions to get your conversations started with students and families (these questions are meant only to serve as a guideline): o Do you know much about Union College? o Have you ever visited our campus? o Are you looking primarily at liberal arts colleges? What are some of your academic interests?
  • In geographic locations where Union is not as well known, please know that there may be only a few students with whom you speak. It is so important to provide positive exposure to these prospective applicants, families and guidance counselors.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the experience of meeting these excited students. No one expects you to have all the answers but rather to be helpful and offer a place to find the information they need. Always feel free to direct students and parents to our office with specific questions. We can always be reached at (518) 388-6112 or

Thank you, good luck and enjoy!