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For Fall Term 2024 registration, Union College will again have a list of courses that require Pre-Approval. The Pre-Approval process allows students to be “pre-approved” and registered for some courses prior to the official registration period. Our Pre-Approval process allows departments and faculty members to make sure that all Union College students are making appropriate progress towards graduation.

How Do I Get Pre-Approved to Enroll in a Course?

  1. Review Fall Term Course Offerings on Student Planning when they are released on May 3rd

  2. Study course descriptions carefully. If a course description says, “This course requires the pre-approval of department,” that course requires Pre-Approval. The course description will also have a link to this page.

  3. Fill out the Pre-Approval Survey (all courses requiring Pre-Approval are listed here) associated with the course(s) you need to take. Make sure to be as clear and specific as possible when completing the survey.

  4. Each department will review survey responses, and selected students will be automatically registered for Pre-Approved courses prior to their official registration appointments.

  5. If there are any issues or concerns with registering you for a Pre-Approval course (for example, a scheduling conflict), the registrar will contact you directly. Please respond to the registrar's communication by May 21st.

  6. Prior to your registration appointment, check your schedule to see if you have been enrolled in any Pre-Approval courses.

What is the Timeline for Pre-Approval?

May 3 Course Offerings and Pre-Approval Surveys become available
May 15 Pre-Approval Surveys are Due
May 27 Regular Registration Period Begins (Check you Schedules to see if you have been Pre-Approved)

How Do I Know if I Need a Course?

When in doubt, contact your academic advisor. They will be able to help guide you through the course requirements associated with your degree plan. Keep in mind, too, that the faculty members reviewing your pre-approval survey(s) will also be able to judge whether it is important for you to take a particular course during the Fall Term.

How Does Pre-Approval Work for Fourth Courses?

The new pre-approval process does not change anything regarding Union's fourth course requirements and policies. For more information on fourth courses, please consult the Fourth Course Overview.

It's Up to You!

Please remember: you cannot be pre-approved for a course if you do not fill out a survey.

Fall Term 2024: Full List of Pre-Approval Courses


Contact Tom Jordan, Director of Academic Advising and Enrichment, at