Summer Program FAQs

  • What is the AOP/HEOP Summer Program?

    The purpose of the Summer Program is to prepare first-year students for the rigors of academics at Union College—it is designed to simulate a term at Union. The Summer Program includes courses taught by college faculty in order to introduce first-year students to college-level studies and to enhance their overall time management and study skills.

    In addition to classes, students meet with faculty working on summer research with current Union students. They attend relevant workshops designed specifically for AOP/HEOP students (from financial aid to intramural sports) and get a chance to engage with current students, faculty, staff, and administrators. Students are also given the opportunity to engage in social activities such as recreational trips, theater performances and tours of the Capital District.

  • Is this program exclusively for students of color?

    Absolutely not. The AOP/HEOP program is an economic support program which looks to admit talented students who could not afford to attend Union College otherwise. We encourage all levels of diversity in our campus community and the AOP/HEOP program routinely enrolls students from different states and from areas throughout New York State.

  • How long is the Summer Program?

    The Summer Program runs for five weeks from July through August.

  • Do I have to attend the Summer Program?

    Yes. All program students are required to attend a five week residential summer program that provides academic and social orientation to Union College. Students must successfully complete the entire program in order to join us in the fall.

  • How many students attend the Summer Program?

    On average 30 AOP/HEOP students enroll at Union College every year and attend our Summer Program.

  • Where will I be staying for the Summer Program?

    All students live on campus with seven Union College student-staff members in our summer residence hall. Exceptions to the residency requirement are granted to students who will be commuting during the academic year and have their commuter status approved by the Office of Residential Life prior to the start of the Summer Program. Commuters must provide the AOP office proof of approved commuter status through the Office of Residential Life. To review the process for requesting commuter status, click here.

    Please note: Students who are commuting during the academic year are more than welcome to live on campus during the Summer Program.

  • What are the benefits of the AOP/HEOP Summer Program?
    • Building friendships
    • Familiarizing yourself with the campus
    • Creating an academic and social comfort zone prior to fall orientation
    • Exploring Schenectady and other areas of Upstate New York

    There are several hidden benefits which become apparent as the summer progresses. Students become very familiar with our campus during the summer and form a bond with their peers, which is only strengthened when they return to Union College in the fall. Put simply, students arrive better prepared to succeed.

  • Does the Summer Program cost anything?

    The Summer Program is free. Students are only expected to contribute to pay for their transportation to and from campus at the beginning and end of the summer program. The AOP/HEOP program will take care of supplies, books, and all extracurricular events during the Summer Program.

  • Are meals and housing provided?

    All meals are provided at no cost to students by Union College and the AOP/HEOP Program. Students are housed in a residence hall on campus and live with our student summer staff who work as Tutor/Community Advisors.

  • What will be expected of me?

    As a developing scholar in the AOP/HEOP Summer Program, you are expected to strengthen basic academic skills in reading, writing, and math. You are also expected to develop useful study skills and time management habits through completion of credit and non-credit coursework. Our overall goal is to increase student self-confidence through programming that is designed to encourage team-building as well as individual growth.

  • Can I visit my family or can I have visitors on campus?

    No. Visitors are not allowed on campus for students during the AOP/HEOP Summer Program. Students will concentrate on classes and getting to know the peers in their cohort.

  • If I have been accepted into the AOP/HEOP Program, is there anyone from AOP/HEOP who I can talk to so I can learn more about their experience, and how I should prepare?

    Absolutely! Union invites all accepted students to visit our campus in April and all students get a chance to meet and interact with current students in the AOP/HEOP program. In terms of preparation, there is no prep beyond filling out our required Summer Program intake forms and completing your final semester of classes in good standing. The AOP/HEOP office will let you know everything you need for the summer.

  • Are the AOP/HEOP Summer Program classes like normal courses taught at Union?

    Yes. Our Summer Program courses are taught by Union College faculty and carry the same expectations. The only difference is that the duration of the courses is five weeks rather than ten.

  • Do these classes give me any college credits?

    Yes. Students earn one elective credit towards their Union degree, and all Summer Program courses appear on students’ transcripts.

  • How are roommates determined?

    All students take a preference survey which is used to match roommates based on natural body rhythms, work habits, sensitivity to noise, etc. Room pairings are same-sex. In our multi-floor residence hall, we also make accommodations for students with specific religious and health needs.

  • What is the Summer Program curriculum like? What classes would I be taking over the summer?
    • Pre-Calculus or Calculus
    • English Literature and Grammar
    • College 101
    • Elective: Biology, Political Science, or Basics of Engineering