Carlos Nieves

Title: Senior Client Services Support Analyst; joined Union in 2008

What I do

I am responsible for computer configurations, upgrades, rollouts, imaging, troubleshooting and a host of other support issues across campus.

What I like about working at Union

I am frequently out of the office on a tech. call, which I enjoy, because I like being around people, helping them in any way I can. There’s tremendous gratification in knowing I’ve made life a little easier for someone who really appreciates it.

Also, our small campus is very scenic and it is a pleasure to just walk across it and take in the sites and scenery. I find it relaxing to stop for a few minutes and watch the various sports teams at practice. One of my favorite spots is Jackson’s Garden. The sense of calmness and serenity there offers a good balance to the daily hustle and bustle of the workday.

Outside interests

I love cooking and try to advance my skills by watching cooking shows and mimicking what I see. I cook and grill for my whole family all the time – pulled pork, pastelitos (empanadas), pernil (a slow-cooked pork roast), beef stew, chicken stew, arroz con pollo (rice with chicken), pasteles (a traditional Puerto Rican dish made with green banana masa and stewed meat). Also, I love visiting my mother and extended family in Puerto Rico.