Cole Belmont

Title: Director of Makerspace Consortium; joined Union in 2018

What I do

I help students and faculty with courses, course development and research that involves making things both physical and digital. I also employ, train and manage some 30 work-study students who help run the day-to-day activities in our five Maker Web labs. These interdisciplinary labs offer the community a ton of resources, including 3D printers, laser cutters, virtual, augmented and mixed reality software, and a host of metal and woodworking equipment.

What I like about working at Union

The most exciting days are when I see folks from all over campus come together for shared learning experiences. I love the fact that students and faculty from a diverse range of disciplines use the labs. It is always fun to see what engineers, artists and designers do, but things get really fascinating when a math major uses a 3D printer and an English major tackles a laser cutter.

Outside interests

I enjoy using my own digital and analog fabrication tools to create art and design objects. My partner, Corina, and I enjoy spending our weekends and free time in our studio working together on projects.