Community Standards

Community Standards

The Office of Community Standards furthers the educational mission of Union College through an immersive and relationship-based disciplinary system that develops students holistically and provides accountability for behavior inconsistent with the Code of Student Conduct.


The Office of Community Standards educates students about the policies, procedures, and expectations of behavior while enrolled at Union College, and are supported as they navigate the challenges that await them, and includes regular training, programming initiatives, and awareness campaigns targeted for students to learn more about the accountability process.

The Office of Community Standards actively engages with students and student organizations through a process of accountability, intended to empower student ownership of their behaviors, to adjust future decision making, and to learn from missteps large and small.

The Office of Community Standards provides student leadership opportunities to review and design policy, involvement in hearings, and in the adjudication of their peers.

The Office of Community Standards cultivates a space for students to reflect and deliberate on their contributions to the Union College community; where students can learn from setbacks and missteps large and small.

The Office of Community Standards is committed to reinforcing the rights of all members of the Union College community, it’s students, it’s property, the College itself, and the greater Schenectady community through education and the implementation of and adherence to equitable policies and procedures.

The Office of Community Standards routinely assesses the impact of the programs it stages and the services it provides, searching always for innovative measures and methods to consider bringing to the student body.


Integrity: The Office of Community Standards maintains and upholds the rights and responsibilities of students and student organizations, and encourages students to be honest and accountable for their actions.

Equity: The Office of Community Standards provides a fair and just process for all students, allowing space for self-advocacy and determination.

Empathy: The Office of Community Standards understands that students come to the process with different experiences and perspectives and may benefit from compassion and empathy as they navigate the accountability process.

Reflection: Students are encouraged to step back and examine their experiences, and glean lessons and values to inform future decisions.

Student Conduct Committee/Organizational Misconduct Board Applications

The Student Conduct Committee and the Organizational Misconduct Board have begun to search for students who are interested in serving as a panelist in the 2021-2022 Academic Year. We are looking for any and all students who want a voice in the Community Standards process. If this opportunity is of interest to you, please consider filling out this application.