Computer Science Department

Computer Science

The Union College Computer Science department provides a program that prepares our students for a range of future opportunities:

  • work in pure CS, building the infrastructure that supports computing efforts
  • work that combines CS with other fields in order to better tackle problems that fall at the intersection of disciplines

Students can major in CS, pursue an interdepartmental (ID) major that combines CS with another field, or do a CS minor, computational methods minor, or digital media minor. We offer students:

  • a variety of ways to get into computing (media computation, robotics, artificial intelligence, management of “big data”, and game development) and
  • mid-level and upper-level electives based on current developments in the field (web programming, game development, language processing, modeling and simulation, visualization, robotics, parallel computing, user interfaces, and bioinformatics)

Our program is current, and our students graduate with a strong knowledge base as well as experience that is relevant for today's computing world.

We welcome your interest in CS@Union. Please contact us if you are coming to campus for a visit or if you would like more information about our program. The department faculty work closely with students in class, as advisors, and on senior research projects. In addition, many of our students have the opportunity to work on faculty research projects during summers and the school year. We look forward to showing you our facilities and talking with you about programs of study you could pursue at Union College.