Data Analytics Program

Data Analytics Program

Preparing students for a data-driven world

What is our goal?

The goal of Union’s Center for Data Analytics is to provide students, faculty and staff with the means to obtain and communicate insights from data. Data analytics is happening all across the Union College campus, with students and faculty using data in their research and in the classroom. The center provides resources to support this work, and a place for collaboration and exchange of ideas.

Where are we?

The center has a physical space is housed in Wold 010 (the John Kelly Computing and Innovation Lab). The lab is equipped with computing resources to support data analysis and visualization. The computers there have data analytics software installed including Python, R, Matlab, Java, Tableau, etc. We are also online at this website and twitter @.

What do we do?

The center hosts a regular data science help desk, where students, faculty and staff can seek assistance in obtaining, wrangling, modeling, analyzing and visualizing data. This help desk is staffed by students from appropriate classes across the campus. The center also hosts workshops and tutorials on topics such as web scraping, data manipulation, visualization tools, GIS, data sources, etc. The center will also hosts a seminar series with internal and external speakers.