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Majors-Minors Checklist

For English majors, the program begins with two of the three gateway courses: Introduction to Literary Studies. These courses introduce the basic skills every English major needs. The student then moves on to intermediate coursework. Advanced students take three seminars, among which are at least one Junior and one Senior. The seminars in both categories are writing intensive, typically research oriented, and organized around the work of particular authors or topics.

Requirements for the Major

Twelve courses, including two of the three gateway courses, Introduction to Literary Studies: Fiction and Poetry and Drama (100, 101 and 102); seven intermediate courses (200-level) including at least one course on Shakespeare (200 or 201), one pre-1700 course (202-215) and one pre-1900 course (216-235); and three seminars in total: one or two junior seminars (300-level) and one or two senior seminar (400-level).

Requirements for the Minor updated June, 2014

Our current requirement for minors (who have officially declared as of Spring 2014) is seven courses and ends at the 200 level. As of Fall 2014, we will continue to require seven courses of minors but the seventh will be a 300-level seminar.

The minor will look like this:

1 100-level (Intro to Fiction, Poetry or Drama)
1 Shakespeare (200 or 201)
1 pre-1700 course (202-215)
3 200 levels of choice
1 300 level of choice

= 7 courses.

Nota bene: Students who have already declared their English minor in or before the Spring of 2014 will be grandfathered out of the change in requirements; however, we still encourage all minors to enroll in a seminar, which is available by petition.

Requirements for Interdepartmental Majors
All proposals for interdepartmental majors involving English must be approved by the department; the student should consult the department chair.

English I.D. Majors have an 8-course requirement, which includes one Introductory Course, and seven others, with at least one pre-1700 course (202-215), Shakespeare (200-201), and a seminar.

Students seeking I.D. Honors in English have a 10 course requirement, the additional two beyond the requirements for the English I.D. Major being the two-term Honors thesis seminar.

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