English Department

English Department

Congratulations to Professors Bracken, Burkett, and Venning!

In recognition of their hard work and many accomplishments, Claire Bracken and Andrew Burkett got promoted to Full Professorship, and Dan Venning received tenure and rose to Associate Professorship.

Professor Bracken is an expert in Irish literature and film; gender and sexuality in Irish writing; Irish women’s writing; analyses of contemporary Irish culture; feminist theory; poststructuralist philosophy; theories of embodiment and Gilles Deleuze. Her most recent book is Irish Feminist Futures (London: Routledge, 2016).

Professor Burkett a specialist in British Romantic Poetry and Prose; Victorian Poetry and the Novel; Literature and Science; Science and Technology Studies; Cinema and Media Studies; Digital Humanities. His most recent book is Romantic Meditations: Media Theory and British Romanticism (SUNY Press, 2016).

Professor Venning specializes in theatre history, dramatic literature, performance criticism, dramaturgy, Shakespearean drama and performance, musical theatre, audience and reception theory, German theatre and drama, and global theatre.