Fellowships & Doctoral Pathways

Find your passion and pursue it

Although everyone who applies for a fellowship hopes to win, the application process itself is a valuable experience. Applying for a fellowship is similar to applying for graduate school or a job. All require that you first identify what really motivates you and then successfully communicate how that passion uniquely fits with the opportunity that is being offered in a way that is mutually beneficial to you and those in the position to choose you. Because of this, applying for a fellowship is excellent practice for future cover letters, application essays, and interviews in which you need to persuade others that you are the right person among all other candidates.

Because of the self-representation experience gained, applying for a fellowship will give you an edge in your future applications. Winning a fellowship will further give you the added bonuses of the accompanying award, an outstanding resume item with instant name recognition, and a ready-made network of fellow winners with similar passions and talents.