Fellowships & Doctoral Pathways

Fellowships and Doctoral Pathways

Davis, Fulbright, Gilman, Goldwater, Udall, Watson – Union students have won all of these prestigious national awards and others. As award recipients, they conduct research, attend graduate school, teach English overseas, travel internationally, and more.

The Office of Fellowships and Doctoral Pathways works hard to connect students like you – individuals with a strong desire to reach their fullest potential academically and personally – to merit-based opportunities. And because the process can require as much time and commitment as an academic course, we want to make the experience of applying worthwhile in and of itself.

The process starts early. Students are recruited to apply for fellowships and scholarships months before their national deadline. During the recruitment period, the director works closely with students to understand their goals and to match opportunities to their strengths and needs. The office then oversees the application process for the appropriate awards. Union regularly supports students and alumni for awards such as the Rhodes Scholarship, the Marshall Scholarship, the Fulbright programs, the Watson Fellowship, the Goldwater Scholarship and many more.