Fellowships & Doctoral Pathways

Gap year opportunities

Many think of a gap year as a break between college and graduate school or between college and a job during which a person takes time off from pursuing a career path. In reality, doing something other than going to graduate school or working right after college can be an outstanding opportunity for learning, development and exploration that will greatly enhance one’s future career prospects and life. Because of this, perhaps a better way to think about a gap year is as a growth and development year.

National fellowships are one potential route to taking a growth and development year or two. With a gap year fellowship, a person can travel the world, land amazing internships, teach, volunteer, learn a foreign language, conduct research, network and make a difference in the world.

If you still want to further your education immediately after college, fellowships also provide opportunities to attend graduate school in the US and abroad, but these types of fellowships shouldn’t be the only alternatives you consider. Explore the fellowship options that exist and the growth and development opportunities they afford and figure out what’s right for you!