Financial Aid

Federal Direct Loan Exit Counseling

Exit counseling:

  • Is required before a student withdraws, graduates or drops below half-time attendance, even if the student is transferring to a different school.
  • Informs the student of their rights and responsibilities as a loan borrower.
  • Provides useful tips and information for loan management.

Exit counseling sessions are online on the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) website. A FSA ID is needed to log in to start the session (the FSA ID replaced the Federal Student AID PIN effective May 10, 2015, there is a prompt to create one if you have not already). Once a student's exit counseling session is complete the Financial Aid Office will receive electronic confirmation.


Many changes have occurred in the loan industry since 2007. You may have a Federal Stafford Loan(s), as well as a Federal Direct Loan(s), from more than one lender. To help manage your loans our office recommends that you review your complete federal loan history via the NSLDS website. Use the same link shown above for exit counseling, but choose "Financial Aid Review."