History Department

Courses & Requirements

You will concentrate your studies in one of five fields of history:

  • African and Middle Eastern
  • Asian
  • European
  • Latin American and Caribbean
  • United States

Courses in special topics focus on global history; history of science, technology and medicine; public history; religion; and women’s and gender history.

Fall 2022 Courses

History may be in the past, but these great courses are happening NOW!

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Fall 22 History Courses
HST 109 History of Sustainability (Cramsie)
HST 124 Monuments, Museums, & Movies (Aslakson)
HST 135 Latinos in U. S. History (McGrath)
HST 138 Big History (Walker)
HST 141 Bright Ages: Medieval Europe (Kuersteiner)
HST 147 Revolutionary History (Berk)
HST 157

Modern Jewish History (Berk)

HST 229

Adirondacks & Modern Environmental History (Morris)

HST 246 From Oracles to Mathematics: The Prehistory of Risk (Kuersteiner)
HST 257 Modern France and Its Empire (Peterson)
HST 263 The Tudor and Stewart Queens (Cramsie)
HST 268 Making of Modern Scotland (Cramsie)
HST 304 Cold War in Africa (Peterson)
HST 336 The Roosevelt Era (Morris)