Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

Why study Latin America?

The mission of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program is to advance knowledge about Latin America and the Caribbean and its peoples throughout the Americas. As such, LACS recognizes the crucial presence of Latin American and Caribbean cultures, peoples and societies in shaping the world from as far back as pre-recorded history to present day political, social, cultural and economic contexts. In the twenty-first century, the peoples of the Americas are joined in multiple ways including commerce, politics, popular culture and the arts while the United States is made up of communities of people from every corner of Latin America and the Caribbean.

LACS at Union

Acknowledging Latin America’s decisive role in the world, an understanding of the histories, institutions, languages, geography, politics, economies, and cultural and intellectual traditions of the region and its diasporas is crucial for students who wish to pursue careers in education, law, government, medicine and public health, domestic and international business, finance, and a host of other fields.

Diversity, International Education, and LACS

With distinctive emphases on plurality, diversity, and inclusiveness, LACS contributes to the mission of Union College in educating global citizens through interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary courses, research, experiential learning, creative endeavors, extracurricular opportunities, study abroad programs, and outreach focusing on Latin America and Latino realities.