Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program

Why study Latin America?

The mission of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies program is to advance knowledge about Latin America and the Caribbean and its peoples throughout the Americas. As such, LACS recognizes the crucial presence of Latin American and Caribbean cultures, peoples and societies in shaping the world from as far back as pre-recorded history to present day political, social, cultural and economic contexts. In the twenty-first century, the peoples of the Americas are joined in multiple ways including commerce, politics, popular culture and the arts while the United States is made up of growing communities of people from every corner of Latin America and the Caribbean.

LACS at Union

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) program invites Union students to develop a broad and intimate understanding of the languages, cultures, history, politics, folklore and economics of Latin America. Through courses, frequent on-campus events and study abroad opportunities, the program exposes students to Caribbean, Latin American and Latino/Latina societies. LACS is multidisciplinary, allowing students to work closely with faculty from a range of departments—anthropology, history, political science, Spanish and Portuguese language and literature—where many courses count toward the LACS major.

Study in Latin America

Through study programs in Argentina (both in a full term abroad and a shorter three-week mini-term), Brazil and Uruguay, students gain a deeper understanding of the rich and varied cultures of Latin America. Through foreign study students not only gain fluency in Spanish and Portuguese, but also bring back to the campus an understanding of the world outside the United States. A foreign study experience is required for the LACS major and encouraged for the ID and minor.