Cathy (Stuckey) Johnson ’74

Cathy (Stuckey) Johnson ’74

Cathy (Stuckey) Johnson '74 graduated from Union College with an organizing theme major in East Asian Studies and a minor in Chinese. Now retired, she spent 40 years in the relocation management industry working in client relations and management. Cathy assisted clients with managing group moves internationally, and helped create policies to manage domestic moves, international assignments and international permanent moves. She managed teams in the United States, United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Outside of work, Cathy volunteered on the First Aid Squad, held management positions in the Junior League and PTA, and worked on the environment committee for her town. Cathy is married to Mark Johnson ’73.

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your career or volunteer activities?

Working with so many different people from different cultures requires the ability to adjust working styles to meet their needs and help them achieve their goals. When you are dealing with people who have to move to another country and learn the language quickly and adapt to a different culture, you need to help them make that change as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Who inspired/inspires you, both professionally and personally?

Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, who despite pressure from the White House, continue to push out the science message.

What advice would you offer today’s women students, not just at Union, but across the country?

I would tell them to find something that they are passionate about and make a career of it. Don’t be afraid to try something new or to change your mind if you find that what you first thought was going to be your passion turns out not to be fulfilling.

What was your most formative experience at Union?

Being in the first class of women at Union was both exciting and pioneering. We were laying the groundwork for those who were coming after us. The years 1970-1974 were full of change around the world and especially in the U.S. Gloria Steinem was leading the fight for women’s rights, protests were happening against the war in Vietnam and students took over the Union Administration building in protest. Amidst all of that I was attending the same college that my dad, John C. Stuckey ’49, had. The first year, all the freshmen women were in Richmond House and there was a real sense of community. Coach Scanlon and his wife lived in our dorm in an apartment on the first floor and they were terrific. Professor Schwartz in computer science and Professor Thurston in history where are both wonderful mentors.