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A celebration of Union women

In 1795, Union was chartered to provide “instruction and education of youth.” With only a few exceptions over the next 175 years, “youth” meant men only.

In 1970, this changed. When women arrived as full-time students that fall, they became catalysts for transformation on campus and beyond.

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    In the Our Stories section below, you’ll read profiles of a number of Union women who have made their mark.

    They include: Katherine (Kay) Stout Van Woert ’74, the first woman admitted to Union, who serves on non-profit and state advisory boards related to mental health, homelessness and healthcare financing; Mary Omobolanle Olushoga ’06, who manages the J.P. Morgan Chase Entrepreneur of Color fund, and serves as president and CEO of the African Women Power Network; and Valerie Hoffman ’75, a prominent attorney focused on employment discrimination.

    The list of outstanding Union women is long, and more profiles will appear throughout 2020.

    Union is proud to celebrate these and the many other women who have made their mark.

Our stories

Our stories

Adrian MacLean Jay '98

A former television reporter, Adrian MacLean Jay ’98 owns the production company DoubleJay Creative.

Julie Greifer Swidler ’79

Julie Greifer Swidler ’79 is executive vice president of business affairs and general counsel for Sony Music Entertainment.

Katherine (Kay) Stout Van Woert '74

Katherine (Kay) Stout Van Woert '74 was the first woman accepted to Union as a full-time student. Recently retired, she serves on various non-profit and state advisory boards related to mental health, homelessness and healthcare financing.

Sabrina Rau Kanner '80

Sabrina Rau Kanner '80 is executive vice president of design and construction at Brookfield Properties.

Valerie Hoffman '75

A partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP, Valerie Hoffman '75 practices employment law with a special focus on strategies to prevent and resolve issues relating to employment discrimination.

Shari Midoneck-Pochapin '85

Dr. Shari Midoneck-Pochapin ’85 runs a concierge internal medicine practice in New York City and teaches at Weill Cornell Medicine.

Karen Huggins '77

Karen Huggins '77 has been a project manager of financial applications as a consultant at the New York State Department of Transportation.

Jennifer Mitchell '04

Jennifer Mitchell '04 is Union’s John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor of English.

Mary Omobolanle Olushoga ’06

Assistant vice president and senior business advisor of Excelsior Growth Fund, Mary Omobolanle Olushoga ’06 manages and oversees the J.P. Morgan Chase Entrepreneur of Color fund. She is also president and CEO of African Women Power (AWP) Network.

Rebecca Koopmann '89

Union’s R. Gordon Gould Professor of Physics & Astronomy, Rebecca Koopmann '89 is a leader in her field and at the College.