Making Our Mark

A celebration of Union women

In 1795, Union was chartered to provide “instruction and education of youth.” With only a few exceptions over the next 175 years, “youth” meant men only.

In 1970, this changed. When women arrived as full-time students that fall, they became catalysts for transformation on campus and beyond.

In the Our Stories section, you’ll read profiles of a number of Union women who have made their mark.

They include: Katherine (Kay) Stout Van Woert ’74, the first woman admitted to Union, who serves on non-profit and state advisory boards related to mental health, homelessness and healthcare financing; Mary Omobolanle Olushoga ’06, who manages the J.P. Morgan Chase Entrepreneur of Color fund, and serves as president and CEO of the African Women Power Network; and Valerie Hoffman ’75, a prominent attorney focused on employment discrimination.

Union is proud to celebrate these and the many other women who have made their mark.

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Celebrating Union women who have made their mark.