Modern Languages and Literatures
Cheikh M. Ndiaye

Cheikh Ndiaye

Job Title
Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Karp Hall 211

Research interests

My research interest addresses pre-colonial, colonial, and post-colonial literatures with a focus on French-speaking regions including West Africa, North Africa, the Caribbean, and French Guyana. My scholarly work is interdisciplinary and predominantly cross-listed with French and Francophone studies, Africana studies, and Latin American and Caribbean studies. It addresses Africa and its Diaspora, thus examines both Black civilizations and political consciousness through different lenses (heritage, ethnicity, colonial history, post-colonialism, class, gender, race).

Teaching interests

My teaching portfolio stems out of my research and interest in linguistic competency. I teach various courses: Basic French; Intermediate French; Advanced French; college-wide courses including a First Year Preceptorial, a Sophomore Research Seminar, and a Modern Literature in Translation course. My upper-level lit and cult courses in French fairly cover local and global matters pertaining to French-speaking geographical spaces including France, West Africa, North Africa, the Caribbean, and French Guyana; they include a course on Modern France, a Survey of French Literature I, a Survey of French Literature II, a course on Studies in the French Caribbean, a French Senior Project course, the Negritude Movement, a course on West African Oral Literature, the Voices of Francophonie Literature course.


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Preface. Septième Printemps/Seventh Springtime, book (collection of poems) by

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Additional media

Academic credentials

B.A., M.A., University of Dakar/Senegal; Ph.D., French and Francophone Studies, University of Connecticut