Neuroscience Program

Spring Term 2024 Course Offerings


BIO-103 Diversity of Life w/ Lab
BIO-104 Cellular Foundations of Life w/ Lab
BIO-205 Topics in Molecular Biology
BIO-210 Neuroscience: Mind & Behavior
BIO-325 Animal Behavior w/ Lab
BIO-362 Experimental Neurobiology w/ Lab
BIO-499 Biology Thesis Research 3


CHM-101 Introduction to Chemistry 1 w/ Lab
CHM-102 Introduction to Chemistry 2 w/Lab

Computer Science

CSC-103 Taming Big Data: Intro to CS w/Lab
CSC-106 Can Computers Think?: Intro to CS w/ Lab
CSC-120 Programming on Purpose w/Lab
CSC-151 Data Structures
CSC-234 Data Visualization
CSC-497 Computer Science Capstone Seminar


MTH-112 Calculus 2: Integral Calculus
MTH-115 Calculus 3: Differential Vector Calculus & Matrix Theory
MTH-117 Calculus 4: Integral Vector Calculus
MTH-128 Probability
MTH-199 Intro to Logic & Set Theory


PHL-231 Symbolic Logic


PSY-200 Statistical Methods in Psychology
PSY-210 Neuroscience: Mind & Behavior
PSY-220 Attention & Memory
PSY-240 Developmental Psychology
PSY-300 Research Methods in Psychology w/ Lab
PSY-310 Cognitive Neuroscience w/ Lab
PSY-404 Honors Colloquium 3
PSY-489 Psychology 3 Term Thesis 3
PSY-498 Psychology Senior Thesis 1
PSY-499 Psychology Senior Thesis 2