Catching up with...

"Catching Up With..." is a new feature that launched in fall 2020 in The Chronicle. Each week a faculty or staff member is profiled. Answering a series of short questions, the profiles are intended to be light, informative and conversational.

Catching up with... Holli Frey

Professor of geosciences Holli Frey grew up Duane, N.Y., a town of 137 people in the northern Adirondacks, where her parents were the town supervisor and a tax collector/medical technologist, and also ran a cabin and boat rental business.

Catching up with...Kathryn Maitoza

Kathryn Maitoza joined the Office of Admissions in January 2019 as the assistant to the vice president for admissions, financial aid and enrollment.

Catching up with… Cecilia Bores Quijano

Growing up in Guardo, a small village in the north of Spain at the foothills of the Picos de Europa mountains, Cecilia Bores Quijano was surrounded by amazing landscapes.

Catching up with... Megan Flynn

From South Philly to Southern Spain, Megan Flynn has taken part in dance projects and performances, put bodies in motion on an assortment of stages, and taught and mentored students in dance and choreography.

Catching up with…Travis Carr

Three years ago, Travis Carr hit rock bottom. He was working a dead-end job, playing video games non-stop and was unhappily single. He saw his weight balloon to 350 pounds.

Catching up with...Zoe Oxley

Zoe Oxley, professor of political science, grew up in Etna, Maine, and spent her undergraduate years at Bowdoin College.

Catching up with...Becky Rapp

Becky Rapp came to her position as Accounts Payable Specialist with a wealth of experience in dealing with young children which makes her a natural to gently cajole certain employees to, ahem, “please sign off on your old transactions.”