Catching up with...

"Catching Up With..." is a new feature that launched in fall 2020 in The Chronicle. Each week a faculty or staff member is profiled. Answering a series of short questions, the profiles are intended to be light, informative and conversational.

Catching up with...Aileen Schatz

Aileen Schatz oversees orientation and pre-orientation programs, aiding new students and their families in their transition to Union.

Catching Up with Dong (Carl) Cheng

Two economists, two teaching jobs in different countries, one big commute and a whole lot of cooking. That’s how life adds up these days for Dong (Carl) Cheng, the John D. MacArthur Assistant Professor of Economics, and his wife, Jun (Bean) Zhao.

Catching up with...Kim Plofker

Kim Plofker, associate professor of mathematics, is always eager to talk about ancient Sanskrit, the value of interdisciplinary learning, butterflies and the local bus schedule.

Catching up with...James Hedrick '92

James Hedrick ’92 grew up on Long Island. A longtime amateur radio operator, he got his FCC commercial radio license as a teenager and designed, installed and repaired public safety radios and marine electronics.

Catching up with...Janet Sweeney

Janet Sweeney freely admits that she eats “a ridiculous amount of pretzels!” She’ll also admit, rather quietly because it sometimes raises eyebrows, that she’s not a dog person.

Catching up with…Zach Kaiser

While an undergraduate at Robert Morris University, Zach Kaiser worked as a resident assistant. He found inspiration watching his supervisors make meaningful impacts in the lives of his peers.

Catching up with…Joyce Madancy

Joyce Madancy got the travel bug early. Her father worked as a civilian for the Army Corps of Engineers, so she spent five of her first six years living on a base near Tokyo.

Catching up with...Denise Snyder

On Oct. 29, 2012, Denise Snyder’s first day at Union, she was sent home early to wait out Hurricane Sandy, the largest East Coast hurricane on record.