English Department

English Department Faculty Statement in Support of Black Lives Matter

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The Union College English Department wholeheartedly supports the Black Lives Matter movement and stands in solidarity with peaceful protestors and activists committed to justice, to condemning racism in all its forms, to dismantling racist systems, and to ending police brutality.

For far too long, this country has witnessed repeated violence against people targeted because of their race. Most recently, the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have prompted protests and long-overdue conversations around the world. We believe we have a fundamental duty to stand in unity with those who have been victims of racism, ignorance, and violence. Intolerance knows no boundaries, and it remains a challenge that we must not ignore.

We join in solidarity with the victims of racism, violence, and bigotry and with those who are working compassionately to effect change. We will restructure our curriculum, so as to include and make visible the experiences of underrepresented students. We pledge to do more to center the lives and experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in our scholarship, our teaching, and our service both within and beyond the Union College community.


Claire Bracken

Andrew Burkett

Kara Doyle

Hugh Jenkins

Bernhard Kuhn

Judith Lewin

Katherine Lynes

Shena McAuliffe

Jennifer Mitchell

Jillmarie Murphy

Anastasia Pease

Jordan Smith

Jenelle Troxell

Bunkong Tuon

Dan Venning

Pattie Wareh