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Profs Hallenbeck and Koopmann present at astronomy conference

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Prof. Koopmann and Prof. Hallenbeck presented at “Pathfinders HI Survey Coordination Committee Workshop: HI Surveys Get Real” at Rutgers University.

Koopmann presented “The Undergraduate ALFALFA Team: a Model for Involving Undergraduates in Radio Astronomy Surveys,” describing her NSF-sponsored program that supports a 19-institution consortium headed by Union College and has included over 230 undergraduate students and 24 faculty across the US in undergraduate research activities.

Hallenbeck presented “HI and H2 flows, holes, and Spin Parameters in HIghMass Galaxies: High HI mass, HI-rich Galaxies in the Local Universe,” describing a sample of galaxies the size of our Milky Way, but which have very low star formation rates, despite having lots of hydrogen gas, the fuel from which new stars are formed.