Physics and Astronomy Department

Union faculty and students present at Spring 2019 Astronomical Society of New York meeting

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Union faculty Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Jennifer Carter presented a talk on "Modeling The Thermal Radiation of Exoplanets" at the Spring 2019 meeting of the Astronomical Society of New York at U. Albany, a regional meeting of the American Astronomical Society.

Six Union students presented posters about their research projects in astronomy:

  • "Measuring the Mass of the Pisces-Perseus Supercluster with the APPS Survey" Helen Black '21
  • "Exoplanet Transits Observed at the Union College Observatory: An EXOFAST Analysis" Jake Feinstein '21, Christos Kakogiannis '22, Georgia Mraz '21 (Advisers: Jennifer Carter and Francis Wilkin)
  • "Automated Surface Photometry of Galaxies in Groups" Aiyana Poulin '19 (Adviser: Rebecca Koopmann '89)
  • "Observations of Koronis Family Asteroids during 2017-19 at the Union College Observatory" Jason Sindoni '21 (Adviser: Francis Wilkin)