Chronicle to get a makeover

Publication Date

The Chronicle has long been a staple of Union communications. Beginning in 1967 as a monthly four- to six-page newsprint tabloid for faculty, staff and alumni, this campus newsletter has taken many shapes and forms.

In 1974, with the advent of an expanded alumni magazine, the Chronicle became a news vehicle specifically for Union faculty, staff, administrators and faculty emeriti. The current online version dates to the 1995-96 academic year.

In keeping up with the times, the Chronicle is once more undergoing change. Soon, it will be an email newsletter you’ll be able to read in your inbox.

“The Chronicle’s transition to a subscription format represents an effort to allow our community to decide what materials they wish to receive,” said Jill Hungsberg, senior director of Communications and Marketing. “Like any on-demand service today, this will give readers control of their subscription.”

Web Communications Director Ken George noted that in the new format, Chronicle readers will be able to forward it to others. They can also choose to receive it as a text message or on their mobile devices, and it will be easier to Tweet or post on Facebook.

The Chronicle will continue to bring you the latest news about faculty, staff and student accomplishments as well as College initiatives, special events and other key campus information every week during fall, winter and spring terms. Faculty and staff are encouraged to submit announcements of their professional activities, including publications, grants, awards and conferences.

The Chronicle format change will take place in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.