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More than a dozen faculty members met in Everest Lounge this week for a “Report from the Trenches” on their involvement in the College’s Ethics Across the Curriculum program. Also in attendance was a reporter from The Chronicle of Higher Education, who is working on an upcoming story that will feature the College’s program. The session was moderated by Robert Baker, chair of the Rapaport Ethics Across the Curriculum Initiative. Among those who shared their experiences were Lewis Davis, Stephen Schmidt and Brad Lewis (Economics); Ashraf Ghaly (Engineering); Lorraine Cox (Arts); and Mark Walker (History).

Daniel Mosquera was invited by the Latin American Studies Program at Gettysburg College, where he visited classes, led discussions, and held public screenings of his documentary work on Afro Colombians and the feast memorializing Saint Francis of Assisi. Mosquera is an associate professor of Spanish and director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program.

Katelyn O’Brien ’11 and Daniel Barringer ’11 presented research posters at the 217th meeting of the American Astronomical Society meeting in Seattle.

O’Brien presented results from her senior thesis project with Rebecca Koopmann ’89, associate professor of physics. The poster described O’Brien’s analysis of star formation from images of galaxies obtained at the Cerro Tololo National Observatory in Chile through Union's participation in the Small and Moderate Aperture Research Telescope System consortium.

Barringer discussed his summer research experience at the Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson, Ariz. He observed the effects of light pollution on the flight paths of lesser long-nosed bats between their day roosts and night foraging areas.

Koopmann also organized the fourth annual Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Undergraduate Team Workshop at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Halley Darling ’13 attended the workshop along with 16 other undergraduates and 12 faculty members from 14 colleges and universities across the country. As part of the workshop, Darling presented a poster about her research project at Union, which examined the environmental effects (such as gravitational interactions) on a concentration of galaxies. Ana Mikler '12 and SreyNoch Chin '12 were coauthors on the poster.