Bull's Eye: Photographs by Martin Benjamin" to be featured at the Mandeville Gallery

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Professor and renowned photographer Martin Benjamin will hold an exhibition of his latest work titled, “Bull’s Eye: New Photographs by Martin Benjamin.”

"My First Camera"

"My First Camera"

The exhibit, which runs from March 24 through May 22, will be on display in the Mandeville Gallery. Over 70 images are included as a way to examine Benjamin’s experiences as an artist living locally and abroad in Italy and Vietnam. The photographs call to mind both nostalgic and emotional responses to the people and environments the artist encounters.

Known for his skillful compositions and arresting treatment of light, the photographs in this exhibition demonstrate Benjamin’s mastery of technique and refined vision of the world that surrounds him.

His photographs have exhibited both across the U.S. and abroad in Europe and Asia. His work is included in collections across the globe. Benjamin’s work has also been published in dozens of magazines, journals and papers including The New York Times, The London Mirror, People Magazine, Rolling Stone, American Photographer and others.

The title of the exhibition is drawn from an image of a Kodak Bull’s-Eye Brownie Camera, Benjamin’s first camera as a child. The image titled "My First Camera" is a photograph Benjamin took of this camera, a relic of his history as a photographer.

There will be a full color catalog available including an essay by Shelby Lee Adams, a 2010 Guggenheim Photography Fellow.

For more information, contact the Mandeville Gallery at (518) 388-6729.