Employees encouraged to take health assessments

Publication Date

Employees are encouraged to take a free, confidential on-line Personal Health Assessment offered through CDPHP through May 25.

With nearly 100 employees taking the Biometric Health Screening last month, the College’s Wellness Committee has turned its focus on promoting participation in the PHA.

“We were thrilled with the turnout for the Biometric Health Screening,” said Mike Polsinelli, chair of the Wellness Committee. “Now we want to continue that momentum to the PHA.”

To further encourage wellness, participants will be entered in a drawing for one of the following prizes:
• A medical premium holiday ($100)
• Sporting goods gift cards ($50 each) – two total
• Fitness class Credits ($20 each) – four total
• Coupons at O3/Ozone Café ($10 each) – six total

Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is open to all employees. It is a confidential online survey to identify areas of personal improvement, set realistic health goals and create a health plan. The survey typically takes about 20 minutes. CDPHP members can access the survey at www.cdphp.com/pha. MVP members can access the survey at www.mvphealthcare.com, click on WellStyle Extras and locate the Personal Health Assessment link. Employees with other insurance can participate in their health insurance companies PHA. Employees not covered through Union College can bring verification of PHA completion and be entered for the prizes.

All personal health information is confidential. To protect employee privacy, no individual information will be collected or shared beyond the employee. CDPHP will present aggregate data to the College for use in planning Union’s wellness and benefit programs.