Publication Date



Sharmeen Azher '17

   Project: Rights-Based Activism in Rural India 

   Adviser: Jeffrey Witsoe


Gregory Geisel '17

   Project: Regulation of hFSHR Trafficking by Caveolin-1

   Adviser: Brian Cohen

Lakhen Leang '18

   Project: Analyzing the Catalytic Activity of Schizophyllum commune Metacaspases in the Presence of Varying Divalent Cation Concentrations

   Adviser: Kristin Fox

Jenna Pradhuman '17

   Project: Importance of Lipid Rafts for Human Follicle Stimulating Hormone Function

   Adviser: Brian Cohen 

Stephanie Scharbach '17

   Project: Purification and Characterization of Scp2 from S. commune

   Adviser: Kristin Fox 


Jaime DeFelice '17

   Project: Controlled Cyclic Compression of an Open Tibial Fracture Using an External Fixator Affects Fracture Healing in Mice

   Adviser: Jennifer Currey

Vera Marsova '18

   Project: Evaluation of Mammalian Cytocompatibility with Cellular Protectant Trehalose Analogs

   Adviser: Sudhir Khetan

Darlene Pedines '18

   Project: MicroCT Analysis of Bone Fractures in a Mouse Tibia

   Adviser: Jennifer Currey 


Anna Doran '17 

   Project: Regeneration of the Local Albany Pine Bush Preserve

   Adviser: Jeffrey Corbin 

Samantha Frye '17

   Project: 3D Modeling of Skate Spiral Intestines

   Adviser: Nicole Theodosiou 

Brianna Godlewski '17

   Project: Glucocorticoid Sensitivity Related to Obesity and Weight Gain

   Adviser: Brian Cohen

Kim Nguyen '17

   Project: Genomic Patterns of Divergence in Drosophila Athabasca

   Adviser: Roman Yukilevich

Naalia Phoenix '17


   Adviser: Brian Cohen

Caroline Roberto '18

   Project: Identifying Looming Cells in Dragonflies

   Adviser: Robert Olberg

Ashley Rosa '17

   Project: Analyzing Nitrogen Cycling Rates in the Albany Pine Bush using 15N

   Adviser: Jeffrey Corbin

Justin Salm '17

   Project: Analysis of hFSHR CBM double mutants

Adviser: Brian Cohen

Catherine Wadman '17

   Project: Using a habitat preference assay to test color perception in an Anolis lizard

   Adviser: Leo Fleishman


Kimberly Bolduc '17

   Project: Ligand Functionalization of Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dots for Polymeric Solar Heterojunction Films

   Adviser: Michael Hagerman

Jack Bragg '17

   Project: Synthesis and Evaluation of Butyrylated Trehalose Analogs as Cellular Protectants in Mammalian Cells

  Adviser: Margot Paulick

Brittany Gay '17

   Project: Cuticular hydrocarbon analysis of Drosophila athabasca: Identification, quantification, and synthesis

Adviser: Joanne Kehlbeck

Sonja Hansson '18

   Project: Optimization of Propyrylated Trehalose Analog Delivery into Mammalian Cells

  Adviser: Margot Paulick

Daniel Jackson '17

   Project: Size-Controlled Synthesis of CdSe Nanoparticles for Ligand Optimization and use in Thin Film Solar Cells

  Adviser: Joanne Kehlbeck

Paige Kotowitz '18

   Project: Measuring Vapor Pressures with the Electrodynamic Balance

Adviser: Andrew Huisman

Jessica Maung '18

   Project: Photolysis and Cellular Toxicity of Octyldimethyl para-Aminobenzoic acid

  Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Molly McDonald '17

   Project: Comparison of Scp1 and Scp3 Metacaspase Activity

Adviser: Kristin Fox

Alexandra Novak '17

   Project: Campus Installation of Air Quality Sensors

  Adviser: Andy Huisman

Lauren O'Connor '18

   Project: Photolysis of Organic Ultraviolet Filter Chemicals

  Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Joanna Oh '17

   Project: Synthesis of Water Soluble Luminescent Dye for Sensing

Adviser: James McGarrah

Alexandra Pagano '18

   Project: Photolysis and Toxicity of Ultraviolet Filter Chemicals

   Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Joni-Rae Partridge '17

   Project: The Synthesis and Analysis of [Co(MDEDS)CN2] by C13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Adviser: Laurie Tyler

Yi Ting Paung '17

   Project: Influence of Hydrophobicity on Properties of Silica Aerogel as Drug Delivery System

  Adviser: Mary Carroll

Tuan Pham '18


   Adviser: Vijay Ramalingam

Chris Porat '17

   Project: Upgrading the Union College EDB to flow organic vapors

Adviser: Andy Huisman

Luisa Posada '17

   Project: Synthesis and Characterization of Aerogels for Catalytic Applications

  Adviser: Mary Carroll

Maxwell Stwertka '19

   Project: Atomic Force Microscopy of cocoa butter

  Adviser: Joanne Kehlbeck

Jake Ulrich '17

   Project: The Binding of Perfluoroalkyl Acids to Human Serum Albumin

  Adviser: Laura MacManus-Spencer

Computer Science:

Rory Bennett '18

   Project:  On-The-Fly Task Model Differentiation

Adviser: Chris Fernandes

James Boggs '18

   Project: Coupling the MAP-Elites Algorithm and Attractor-Selection Dynamics to Generate Dynamic Tensegrity Locomotion

  Adviser: John Rieffel

Frank Chiarulli '17

   Project: Evolutionary Fabrication

   Adviser: John Rieffel

John Enquist '17

   Project: Engaging in Human Dialogue with Robots

  Adviser: Aaron Cass, Kristina Striegnitz, Nick Webb

Yuan Gao '18

   Project: Social Robot Development: Approaching Strategies for Asking for Assistance

Adviser: Aaron Cass

Zongliang Ji '19

   Project: Exploring Fast Matrix Multiplication

  Adviser: Matthew Anderson

John Peterson '17

   Project: EvoFab (evolutionary fabrication)

Adviser: John Rieffel

Venus Yu '17

   Project: Expressions and Gestures That Enrich Robot-Human Interactions

  Adviser: Aaron Cass, Kristina Striegnitz, Nick Webb


Mia DiRienzo '18

   Project: The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Maternal Smoking Cessation and Infant Health

Adviser: Jia Gao

Electrical and Computer Engineering:

Sang Won Choi '17

   Project: Wavelength Agile Photoacoustic Microcscopy

   Adviser: Takashi Buma

Catherine Kanama '17

   Project: Upgrading of an Automatic Time-Based Water Sampler

  Adviser: James Hedrick

Lam Ngo '18

   Project: Software-controlled Eletronic Board

  Adviser: James Hedrick

Ashish Pereira '18

   Project: Investigating the properties of coda stop consonants in children

  Adviser: Helen Hanson

Doug Rosa '17

   Project: Electromechanical Mode Estimation

  Adviser: Luke Dosiek

Pranav Shrestha '19

   Project: Distribution-level frequency sampling using inexpensive and open-source PMU

  Adviser: Luke Dosiek


William Garner '18

   Project: Contemporary Reception of Richard Roos's "La Belle Dame Sans Mercy"

   Adviser: Kara Doyle


Carli Aragosa '17 

   Project: Magmatic outgassing and the effects of chemical weathering through water geochemistry analysis of streams in Dominica

   Adviser: Holli Frey  

Hannah Barnes '18 

   Project: Reconstructing Lead Pollution Using a Speleothem and Matching Peaks with Global Events

   Adviser: David Gillikin  

Carolyn Connors '17 

   Project: Aquatic Biogeochemistry: Tracking Pollution in Fluvial Systems

   Adviser: Anouk Verheyden-Gillikin  

Alexander Dolcimascolo '17 

   Project: Source and tectonic history of the Yakutat Group (Alaska) and the Evolution of the Cordillera

   Adviser: John Garver  

Alice Hayden '18 

   Project: Aquatic Biogeochemistry: Tracking Pollution in Fluvial Systems

   Adviser: Anouk Verheyden-Gillikin  

Michael Kaye '17 

   Project: Biogeochemistry of High Andean Lakes and Streams

   Adviser: David Gillikin  

Tshering Lama Sherpa '18 

   Project: Trace Metal Analysis of soils around Lake Junin for Heavy Metal Contamination

   Adviser: Don Rodbell  

Benjamin Lucas '18 

   Project: Geochemistry of the Prescott Complex, a largely unstudied gabbro-granitoid pluton in central Massachusetts

   Adviser: Kurt Hollocher  

James Molloy '18 

   Project: Wind Transport of Mine Tailings Dust

   Adviser: Donald Rodbell  

Julie Sophis '17 

   Project: Provenance and thermal history of the Chugach terrane rocks in Russell Fiord, Alaska

   Adviser: John Garver  

Katherine Swager '17

   Project: Geochronology and Tectonic History of Dominica, Lesser Antilles

   Adviser: Holli Frey 

Maria Van Nostrand '18 

   Project: Determining Magma Temperatures of Crystal-Poor Rhyolites from Tepetiltic Volcanic Field, Mexico

   Adviser: Holli Frey  


Andrew Cassarino '18

   Project: Our Son: The Life and Times of Edward Hastings Ripley ; Union 365

Adviser: Andrea Foroughi


Ari Bennett '18

   Project: Attitudinal Change Over the Life Course

Adviser: Roger Hoerl

Elizabeth Ricci '19

   Project: Mathematics and Literature: Genre Analysis using Network Theory

   Adviser: George Todd

Mechanical Engineering:

Adam Ashcroft '18

   Adviser: Jaron Kuppers

   Project:  3D Printing Silicon Base Molds for Specialized Elastomeric Toolingâ„¢
John Costa '17

   Adviser: Bradford Bruno

   Project: Developing an instrumented mold for aerogel window development
Elizabeth Donlon '18

   Adviser: Ann Anderson

   Project: Making Transparent Aerogels for use in Windows
Lianna Gangi '18

   Adviser: Ashok Ramasubramanian

   Project:  Investigations of Body Flexure During Early Embryonic Chick Development
Kelsey Graham '17

   Adviser: Jeremy Vanderover

   Project:  MER331 Jet Engine Lab Introduction
Zhixin Kang '17

   Adviser: William Keat

   Project:  Evaluation and Enhancement of 2D and 3D Non-linear Computational Models of Silica Aerogels Undergoing Progressive Damage under Compressive Loading
Robert Keever '17

   Adviser: Ronald Bucinell

   Project: Mechanical Engineering Fungal Based Biopolymer Composites - Structure / Property / Processing Relationships
Jeremy Manus '17

   Adviser: Bradford Bruno

   Project:  Union Catalytic Aerogel Testbed
Kathleen Matthews '17

   Adviser: Rebecca Cortez

   Project:  Electrical Characterization of Polyaniline and Creation of Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell
Raquel Paramo-Lora '17

   Adviser: Ronald Bucinell

   Project: Characterization of Mycelium's Bulk Mechanical Properties
Jacob Pessin '19

   Adviser: Ann Anderson

   Project:  A Study of Aerogel Processing Conditions
Keanu Rodriguez '17

   Adviser: Jeremy Vanderover

   Project:  Liquid Propellant Rocket Engine Design
Madeline Samuell '17

   Adviser: Richard Wilk

   Project:  Design and Development of a Solar Powered Thermoelectric Cooler

Modern Languages and Literatures:

Natalya Brill '18

   Project: Russian Verbs of Motion – A Virtual Application

   Adviser: Kristin Bidoshi


Natalia Ciesielska '17

   Project: An extended receptive-field investigation of dragonfly visual neurons using a projection cube.

   Adviser: Robert Olberg

Katherine Maximov '17

   Project: Using feeding responses to test color discrimination and preference in the lizard Anolis sagrei

   Adviser: Leo Fleishman


Brian Cattafe '17

   Adviser: Michael Vineyard

   Project: Ion Beam Analysis of Cultural Heritage Relics

Sajju Chalise '19

   Adviser: Scott LaBrake

   Project:  PIXE Analysis of Thick Targets Collected in the Adirondacks

Steven Cohen '18

   Adviser: Francis Wilkin

   Project: Extrasolar Planetary Transits Using a Programmable Filter Wheel and Guiding Chip

Skye Conlan '18

   Adviser: Nelia Mann

   Project:  Two-Dimensional Stable Configuration of BuckyBalls

Allegra Dawes '19

   Adviser: Heather Watson

   Project:  Diffusivity in Iron-Nickel Alloys and Sulfides and Planet Formation

Genesis Guerra '18

   Adviser:  Gregory Hallenbeck

   Project:  Galaxy Evolution and Interactions in HI

Kerry Lewis '17

   Adviser: Rebecca Koopmann

   Project:  Star Formation in Galaxies

Brendan McGuire '18

   Adviser: Scott LaBrake

   Project:  PIXE & Popcorn

Iseinie Mendez '17

   Adviser: Michael Vineyard

   Project:  Proton Induced X-Ray Emission Analysis of Lake Sediments

Madeleine Miller '19

   Adviser:  Heather Watson

   Project:  Closure temperature of Isotopic systems in Iron Meteorites

Brendan O'Connor '17

   Adviser:  Francis Wilkin

   Project:  Colliding Stellar Winds with a Twist: Orbital Motion and Coriolis Forces

Paul Philpott '17

   Adviser: Gregory Hallenbeck

   Project:  Merger Geometry and Simulations of NGC 3227

Aiyana Poulin '19

   Adviser: Becky Koopmann

   Project:  Star Formation in Groups of Galaxies

Chandler Sturgeon '18

   Adviser:  Nelia Mann

   Project:  Eta Meson Production Through Meson Exchanges In Proton-Proton Collisions

Kevin Trigo '19

   Adviser:  Rebecca Koopmann

   Project:  Does AGN feedback relate to star formation in group galaxies?

Jason Turner '18

   Adviser:  Seyffie Maleki

   Project:  Generation of Entangled Photon Pairs by Type-II Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion

Political Science:

Olivia Britton '18

  Adviser:  Thomas Lobe

   Project:  Seeking Asylum: Analyzing the Obstacles of Refugees within the European Union

Raiesa Fraser '17

   Adviser:  Guilermina Seri  

   Project:  From Baltimore to Bahia: How the Black Lives Matter Movement Rooted Political Activism among Afro-Brazilians

Ellice Tordesillas '19

  Adviser:   Mark Dallas

   Project:  China’s Distinctive Industrialization: Production in a World of Fragmentation

Tianyu Zhao '19

  Adviser:  Mark Dallas

   Project:  China Transactional Trade and Investment Data Project


Joseph Windle-Puente '17

  Adviser:   Carol Weisse

   Project:   Palliative C.A.R.E. (Community Action, Research, and Education)

Elizabeth Altman '19

  Adviser:  Cay Anderson-Hanley

Noemie Bechu '17

  Adviser:   Lindsay Morton

   Project:  The Role of Motivation, Self-Efficacy, and Self-Control in adhering to Physical Therapy programs
Julia Brooks '17

  Adviser:  Catherine Walker

   Project:  Predictors of Clinical Outcome Among Eating Disorders Patients in an Intensive Outpatient Program Implementing an Integrative Treatment Approach
Rachel Fried '17

  Adviser:  Carol Weisse

   Project:   Palliative C.A.R.E. (Community Action, Research, and Education)
Shiraz Mumtaz '17

  Adviser:  Daniel Burns

   Project:   Stress, Dying and Memory: A two part study on the Dying to Remember Effect and Processing via Eye Tracking
Maxwell Spence '18

  Adviser:  Carol Weisse

   Project:   Palliative C.A.R.E. (Community Action, Research, and Education)
Allison Vandoren '17

  Adviser:   Carol Weisse

   Project:  Palliative C.A.R.E. (Community Action, Research, and Education)
Emily West '17

  Adviser:  Cay Anderson-Hanley

   Project:   Relating Traumatic Brain Injury During Young Adulthood to Cognitive Outcomes

Sociology/ Environmental Policy:

Nia Francis '17

  Adviser:  Janet Grigsby  

   Project:  Anthropological Stance on Environmental Justice Issues - The reclaiming, rebuilding and the revitalizing of New Orleans

Visual Arts:

Allison Smith '17

  Adviser:  Lorraine Cox

   Project:  Visual Thinking in Higher Education: Creative Learning for Art History