Humanities Super Seminar starting spring term

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Students in the new Humanities Super Seminar will take a look at the inner workings of global activism, examining headline-grabbing groups such as Wikileaks and Anonymous, in the new seminar: “Global Activism: Hacking, Leaking and Whistleblowing.”

The seminar will take place each year during the spring term, and Christine Henseler, associate professor of Spanish, is directing the course. “The idea is to stress the interdisciplinary nature and innovation of thought,” she said.

Professor of English Hugh Jenkins, English Lecturer Anastasia Pease and Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy Mark Wunderlich will teach the seminar. Three guest speakers will join the students to engage in provocative discussions and collaborative projects.

Each year, students and faculty will focus the seminar on a recent hot topic. Some future subjects include Medicine and Humanism, Art and Technology in the 21st Century and The Law of the City. For more information, visit the seminar’s website by clicking here.