Tuesday Common Hour sessions announced

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The spring term Tuesday Common Hour programs were recently announced. They are:

April 3: Dessert with the Interdisciplinary Programs in Olin 210: Hosted by Valerie Barr, professor of computer science and director of Interdisciplinary Programs; Come have dessert in the Interdisciplinary Programs Office in Olin 210. See what the different interdisciplinary programs are up to, chat with the faculty and students. Even if you are in an interdisciplinary program, come learn about the other programs.

April 10: Open meeting for the faculty to discuss options for replacing clusters; speaker is John Cramsie, associate professor of history and director of General Education

April 17: Faculty Meeting, Olin Auditorium

April 24: Employee recognition luncheon for faculty and staff; noon in the College Park Hall Ballroom

May 1: 40th Anniversary of Title IX: Hosted by members of the Women’s Commission, joined by a student-athlete; speakers include Gretchel Hathaway, senior director of Campus Diversity and Affirmative Action, and Jim McLaughlin, director of Athletics. The talk includes a panel discussion commemorating the 40th anniversary of the enactment of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The panel will provide an overview of the impact of Title IX at Union and beyond. From the classroom to the playing fields this landmark legislation has provided many opportunities for women throughout the country. The talk will explore the progress over the past 40 years along with some of the challenges that still exist today.

May 8: Faculty Meeting, Olin Auditorium

May 15: Honor code mock trials; speakers are Dean of Studies Kristin Bidoshi, Philosophy Professor and Director of Ethics Across the Curriculum Bob Baker and student members of the Honor Council.

May 22: Faculty Meeting, Olin Auditorium

May 29: Occupy Tuesday Common Hour: Humanities Super Seminar; speakers include Christine Henseler, associate professor of Spanish; Hugh Jenkins, professor of English; Anastasia Pease, lecturer in English and Russian; and Mark Wunderlich, visiting assistant professor of philosophy.