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Kristin Fox, director of Undergraduate Research and associate professor of chemistry, and Ashok Ramasubramanian, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, recently accompanied 19 students to the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Ogden, Utah. The students are: Jessica Sherrod ’12; Saem Hur ’13; Ethan Loew ’13; Amelia Zimet ’12; Max Balter ’12; Adam Zinman ‘12; Mark Chaskes ’12; Christopher Pillbury ’12; Mcolisi Dlamini ’12; Melanie Kramer ’12; Leah Smith ’14; Timothy de Ocejo ’12; Benjamin Bucinell ’14; Emilie Arseneault ’12; Kevin Chico ’14; Sarah Gagnon ’12; Erin Villeneuve ’12; Tim Kuehn ’12; and Mital Patel ’12.

National Conference Students

The student researchers in Utah (Photo

provided by Kristin Fox)

Daniel Mosquera, associate professor of Spanish and director of the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, attended a colloquium, "The Future of Latin American Cultural Studies: 20 Years of the Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies," held at the University of Texas in Austin. As a member of the editorial committee of the journal, he participated in a panel on mass media and social movements, presenting a paper, "Media, Technology, and Participation: Life in its Duration for a Newly-Lived Evanescence."

David Carabis ‘13, a mechanical engineering major, was selected as an Honorable Mention for the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship competition. The national foundation promotes promising scientists, engineers and mathematicians.

A book by Robert Hislope, associate professor of political science, “Introduction to Comparative Politics: The State and Its Challenges,” was released last month by Cambridge University Press. His co-author is Anthony Mughan of Ohio State University.

Tarik Wareh, assistant professor of classics, has been selected to participate in a National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on "Roman Comedy in Performance." He will work with leading experts in the field of Roman comedy and share his previous work with college teachers from around the country. Wareh will return from this intensive seminar and theater laboratory ready to offer students innovative educational opportunities such as a new course exploring Greek tragedy through research, production and performances.