Publication Date


Connor Gagliardi

Ethan Loew '13 

Topic: "Amplification and expression of a putative metacaspase from the fungus schizophyllum commune"

Advisor: Kristin Fox


Sean Day '14

Topic: "Mechanical stimulation of a healing fracture callus in a mouse model"

Advisor: Jennifer Currey

Stephen Wendolowski '14


Advisor: Jennifer Currey 


Samantha Chevalier

Samantha Chevalier '13 

Topic: "Removal of hFSHr and caveolin from the cell membrane in order to determine their interactions"

Advisor: Brian Cohen 


Sammi Tyler

Samantha Tyler '14

Topic: "Mutagenesis of the putative caveolin binding motif"

Advisor: Brian Cohen


Rebecca Robinson

  Rebecca Robinson '12

  Topic: "Quantifying novelty in U.S. National Park ecosystems: Applying computing to habitat conservation"

  Advisor: Jeff Corbin 


Lila Azimi '14

Topic: "Fecundity of Prairie Warblers in an early-successional community using radio transmission"

Advisor: Jennifer Bishop 

Kaleigh Ahern '12

Topic: "Impact of soil pH on black-legged tick (Ixodes scapularis) survival and development"

Advisor: Kathleen LoGiudice 

John Carroll '13

Topic: "Impacts of urbanization on the parasite flora of the Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus)"

Advisor: Kathleen LoGiudice 

Yiqi Gao '15

Topic: "Investigating the longevity of Eastern chipmunk (Tamias striatus) parasite eggs"

Advisor: Kathleen LoGiudice 



Emelia Failing

Emelia Failing '13

Topic: "An integrative hypothesis for the evolution of diversity in color among anoline dewlaps"

Advisor: Leo Fleishman 


 Todd Wechter '13

Topic: "Tracking the colon through vertebrate history"

Advisor: Nicole Theodosiou



Ankur Shah

Ankur Shah '13

Topic: "3-D receptive fields of visual neurons in the dragonfly"

Advisor: Robert Olberg 



Lauren Wainman

Lauren Wainman '13

Topic: "3-D receptive fields of visual neurons in the dragonfly"

  Advisor: Robert Olberg 


Adam Bednar

Topic: "Application of a 3-D flying prey simulator for studying flight-control neurons in the dragonfly"

Advisor: Robert Olberg



Son Nguyen

Son Nguyen '13 

  Topic: "The cues of mating discrimination and the costs associated with making hybrids between D. athabasca races"

  Advisor: Roman Yukilevich



Sonika Raj

Sonika Raj '13

  Topic: "Comparative behavioral and genetic analysis of two cases of incipient sexual isolation within Drosophila athabasca"

  Advisor: Roman Yukilevich 


Rebekah Williams '15

Topic: "Behavioral isolation between two Asiatic Drosophila subspecies"

Advisor: Roman Yukilevich 


Ashley Stamatis '13 

Topic: "Effects of various altitudes' oxygen levels in the Northeast on grasshopper respiration, body size and muscle performance"

Advisor: Scott Kirkton 


Olivia Townsend

Olivia Townsend '14

Topic: "Effects of altitude on grasshopper body size, locomotory performance and muscle biochemistry"

Advisor: Scott Kirkton 



Evan Vanable '13

Topic: "Multiple component reactions: developing novel organo-catalyzed strategies"

Advisor: James Adrian 



Paulina Pitrowski

Paulina Piotrowski '14

  Topic: "Identification and isolation of biologically active compounds in Paulownia tomentosa using LC-MS/MS and NMR techniques"

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck 


  Ilyena Kozain '14

Topic: "Analyzing stereoisomerism in limonene and sucrose using polarimetry"

Advisor: Joanne Kehlbeck 


David Foreman

  David Foreman '13

  Topic: "Synthesis, characterization and reactivity studies of transition metal complexes as chemotherapeutic agents"

   Advisor: Laurie Tyler 


Han Lin

  Han Lin '13 

Topic: "Synthesis, characterization and anticancer activities of new Co(II), Cu(II), Pt(II) complexes"

Advisor: Laurie Tyler 


Terence Fu

  Terence Fu '13

  Topic: "Use of cell-permeable variants of trehalose for the cryopreservation of mammalian cells"

Advisor: Margot Paulick 


Faraz Kahn

  Faraz Khan '13

  Topic: "Use of synthetically-derived, cell-permeable variants of trehalose for the cryopreservation of mammalian cells"

Advisor: Margot Paulick 


Caroline Gorka

  Caroline Gorka '14

Topic: "Catalytic aerogel materials"

Advisor: Mary Carroll 


Steve Juhl

  Stephen Juhl '12

Topic: "Alumina-based aerogels for automotive catalysis"

Advisor: Mary Carroll 


Anne Kaminski

  Anne Kaminski '14 

Topic: "Developing catalytic aerogels"

Advisor: Mary Carroll 


Jared Mondschein '14

Topic: "Nanomorphology AFM studies of polyethylene rugby scrum caps"

Advisor: Michael Hagerman 


Isaac Ramphal '14

Topic: "Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene/Polyaniline/Laponite Self-Assembled Materials for Potential Applications in Supercapacitors"

Advisor: Michael Hagerman


Erin Waterman '14

Topic: "Mechanochemical Studies of Polyaniline Nanocomposites"

Advisor: Michael Hagerman


Taera Kim

  Tae Ra Kim '14

Topic: "Kane Chemistry Department summer fellowship"

Advisor: Michael Hagerman 


Andrew Ivarson

  Andrew Ivarson '15

Topic: "iPad app development for use in the chemistry curriculum"

Advisor: Sue Kohler 


William Menge '15

Topic: "iPad app development for use in the chemistry curriculum"

Advisor: Sue Kohler 



Shelby Cuomo

Shelby Cuomo '13

Topic: "The impact of affairs on political careers in the ancient Roman and modern U.S. governments"

Advisor: Hans-Friedrich Mueller 


Computer Science

Chris Leveille

Chris Leveille '14 

Topic: "Wizard of Oz system for the Union Educational Robot"

Advisor: Aaron Cass 


Erik Skorina

Erik Skorina '12

Topic: "Torso and sensors for the Union Educational Robot"

Advisor: Aaron Cass 


Emily Houlihan '13

Topic: "Evolutionary fabrication"

Advisor: John Rieffel


Mark Khazanov '15

Topic: "Evolving tensegrity motion"

Advisor: John Rieffel 


Andrew Danise '14

Topic: "Situated communication in a collaborative online puzzle game"

Advisor: Kristina Striegnitz 


Matthew Marchesani '14

Topic: "Improving object descriptions generated in virtual environments by listening to humans"

Advisor: Kristina Striegnitz 


Benjamin Berger '15 

Topic: "The Blakerator"

Advisor: Nick Webb 



Cate Degen '14 

Topic: "Making Union College more energy efficient"

Advisor: Brad Lewis 


Jigme Norbu '14

Topic: "Advisor plan versus clients plan in 401(k)"

Advisor: Tomas Dvorak 


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Saem Hur '13

Topic: "Prosody and its effect on lung pressure during speech"

Advisor: Helen Hanson 


Michael Williamson '14

Topic: "W2UC: Union College amateur radio repeater"

Advisor: James Hedrick 


Vishnu Dosakayala '14 

Topic: "GPU-based image reconstruction for ultrasound biomicroscopy"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 


J.P. Dumas '14

Topic: "Wavelength agile pulsed laser using an acousto-optic tunable filter"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 


Shaun Gordon '13

Topic: "Optical coherence tomography of developing chick embryos"

Advisor: Takashi Buma


Dani Liu '15

Topic: "Optically transparent ultrasonic transducer for optoacoustic arrays"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 


Amy Loya '14

Topic: "Multicolor pulsed laser using a large mode-area photonic crystal fiber"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 


Ryan Mohr '14

Topic: "One-dimensional optoacoustic array for real-time ultrasound biomicroscopy"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 


Daniel Hernandez '12

Topic: "Investigating binary coded excitation sequences for ultrasound biomicroscopy"

Advisor: Takashi Buma 



Keefe Askin '13

Topic: "Intrinsic characteristics of concrete mixtures containing post-consumer packing foam"

Advisor: Ashraf Ghaly 



Sam Garson '13

Topic: "William Blake and computational analysis"

Advisor: Andrew Burkett 



Sarah Dean '13

Topic: "Interdisciplinary approach to relational aggression"

Advisors: Linda Stanhope and Jillmarie Murphy 



Dane O'Neil '14

Topic: "Biogeochemical carbon cycling in fluvial systems from bivalve shell geochemistry"

Advisor: David Gillikin 


Max Davidson '13

Topic: "Paleoclimate and paleo-environment from bivalve shell geochemistry: Using the modern to understand the past"

Advisor: David Gillikin 


Michael Sachs '13

Topic: "Studying lake biogeochemistry to better understand sediment core records for environmental and climate change"

Advisor: David Gillikin 


Steven Stangle '14

Topic: "Offline Alkalinity Calculator"

Advisor: David Gillikin 


Grace Delgado '14

Topic: "Determining climate variability of the tropics from glacier lakes in the Andes of Peru"

Advisor: Don Rodbell


John Marraffa '13

Topic: "Lacustrine and moraine record of Holocene glaciation in the central Peruvian Andes"

Advisor: Don Rodbell


Benjamn Phippen '14

Topic: "Lacustrine and moraine records of Holocene glaciation in the central Peruvian Andes"

Advisor: Don Rodbell 


Kate Kaminski '14

Topic: "A view of volcán Tepetiltic from the inside out"

Advisor: Holli Frey


Meghan Riehl '14

Topic: "Recognizing magma chamber activity through analysis of Plagioclase crystals from Volcan Ceboruco, Nayarit, Mexico"

Advisor: Holli Frey 



Andrew Griffin '13

Topic: "The history of urban renewal in Schenectady"

Advisor: Andrew Morris 


Will Callanan '14

Topic: "Computer Simulation and Virtual History"

Advisor: Steve Sargent


Mathew Hayner '13

Topic: "Computer Simulation and Virtual History"

Advisor: Steve Sargent 



Lauren Brown '13

Topic: "From old technology to new: creating an electronic archive of fin-de-siècle North African postcards of Jewish women"

Advisor: Gail Golderman 



Daniel Gnoutcheff '13 

Topic: "Dimensional representations of hierarchical simple games"

Advisor: Bill Zwicker


Keilah Creedon '14

Topic: "Artifact-free reconstruction of medical imaging information"

Advisor: Jue Wang


Rich French '13

Topic: "Artifact-free reconstruction of medical imaging information"

  Advisor: Jue Wang


Ashley Johnston '14

Topic: "Artifact-free reconstruction of medical imaging information"

  Advisor: Jue Wang


Amer Khraisat '13

Topic: "Artifact-free reconstruction of medical imaging information"

  Advisor: Jue Wang


Mechanical Engineering

Nikolay Garabedian '14

Topic: "Curvature of anterior and posterior aspects of cercopithecoid maxillary canines"

Advisor: Andrew Rapoff


David Carabis '13

Topic: "Design projects for catalytic aerogel materials"

Advisor: Ann Anderson 


Justin Rodriguez '11

Topic: "Applications of silica aerogels in drag reduction"

Advisor: Ann Anderson 


Thomas Swanton '13

Topic: "Flow through characteristics of catalyzed aerogel materials"

Advisor: Ann Anderson


Robert Wagner '13

Topic: "Redesign and testing of water flow channel"

Advisor: Ann Anderson 


Yi Cao '15

Topic: "Testing the Photocatalytic Oxidation Abilities of Titania-Silica Aerogels"

Advisors: Ann Anderson and Mary Carroll 


Sarah Bradner '14

Topic: "Investigation of the role of ECM in early S-looping"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian


Kyra Burnett '13

Topic: "Biomechanics of S-looping: isolated heart culture"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian


Meagan Carnes '14

Topic: "Exploring the role of mechanical perturbations during cardiac S-Looping"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian


Kevin Chico '14

Topic: "Exploring the role of mechanical perturbations during cardiac S-Looping"

Advisor: Ashok Ramasubramanian


Jose Madero '14

Topic: "PIV analysis of self-propelling bislugs in a micro channel"

Advisor: Brad Bruno


Gavin Cumming '14

Topic: "Spatial distribution of orthotropic elasticity about a bovine nutrient foramen using microindentation"

Advisor: Andrew Rapoff 


Daniel Emmanuel '14

Topic: "Enhancement of solar power systems using reflective surfaces"

Advisor: Rich Wilk


Michael Allen '14


Advisor: Ronald Bucinell


Stephen Paolicelli '14

Topic: "The use of the speckle image photogrammetry full field strain measuring technique for the calculation of the J-integral on DCDC specimen"

Advisor: Ronald Bucinell 


Rebecca Knepple '14

Topic: "Determining healing efficiency using a pressure burst tester of poly(ethylene-co-methacrylic acid) copolymers and Ionomers after ballistics testing"

Advisor: Stephen Kalista 


Leah Smith '14

Topic: "Characterization of the unique morphology of self-healing copolymers and ionomers"

Advisor: Stephen Kalista 


Lutao Xie '14

Topic: "Computer simulation of aerogels under compression using Union's supercomputer" 

Advisor: William Keat 



Gregory Dessingue '13

Topic: "The revitalization of the orchestral tone poem amidst radical popular music"

Advisor: Hilary Tann 



Najiba Keshwani '13 

Topic: "Bioethics summer fellowship"

Advisor: Bob Baker


Salman Syed '14

Topic: "The Cambridge Dictionary of Bioethics/Before Bioethics: A history of American medical ethics from the Colonial period to the bioethics"

  Advisor: Bob Baker 


Cara Zimmerman '14 

Topic: "The Cambridge Dictionary of Bioethics/Before Bioethics: A history of American medical ethics from the Colonial period to the bioethics"

Advisor: Bob Baker 


Physics and Astronomy

Stephen Dilorio 

Topic: "Laser cooling and optical tweezers"

Advisor: Chad Orzel


Terell Winney '15

Topic: "Developing an undergraduate laser laboratory"

Advisor: Chad Orzel 


Tokuei Higashino '13

Topic: "Extrasolar planetary transits: Studies of transit timing variations"

Advisor: Francis Wilkin


Amin Meyghani '13

Topic: "Building a content and data management system based on Ruby on Rails to be used as an instructional module in Union's astronomy classes"

Advisor: Francis Wilkin


Caleb Novins '15

Topic: "Study of the perimeters of lattice animals in a square arrays"

Advisor: Gary Reich 


Jeremy Sagaille '15

Topic: "Utilizing the IBM cluster physics pedagogical research"

Advisor: Gary Reich 


William Doyle '15

Topic: "PIXE analysis of atmospheric aerosols"

Advisor: Mike Vineyard 


Rachel Almodovar '15 

Topic: "ALFALFA and HI in groups of galaxies"

Advisor: Rebecca Koopman


Halley Darling '13

Topic:  "A comparison of Ha and spectral star formation rates of galaxies in the NGC 5846 Group"

Advisor: Rebecca Koopman


Lucas Viani '14

Topic: "Using Ha imaging to analyze star formation in the NGC 5846 group of galaxies"

Advisor: Rebecca Koopman


Christopher Allen '14 

Topic: "Key neutron capture rates for r-process nucleosynthesis in hot astrophysical environments"

Advisor: Rebecca Surman 


Sean Collison '14

Topic: "Key neutron capture rates for r-process nucleosynthesis in cold astrophysical environments"

Advisor: Rebecca Surman 


Ana Mikler '15

Topic: "Visualizations of r-process nucleosynthesis"

Advisor: Rebecca Surman


Shanice Wilson '15

Topic: "The Art of Roasting Coffee Beans: A Thermal Analysis"

Advisor: Samuel Amanuel 


Will Linthicum '14

Topic: "Specific heat capacity measurement of physically confined liquids in nano pores for thermal energy storage application"

Advisor: Samuel Amanuel


Jeremy Smith '14 

Topic: "Proton induced x-ray emission spectroscopy of red wine samples using the Union College pelletron particle accelerator"

Advisor: Scott LaBrake


Shreya Chowdhury '15

Topic: "Color IR identification of paint pigment"

Advisor: Seyffie Maleki 


Pauline Ochieng '14

Topic: "Laser induced photochemistry studies of lead compounds for art restoration research"

Advisor: Seyffie Maleki 


Alexandrea Safiq '14

Topic: "Analysis of environmental contaminants on Schoharie farmland after Hurricane Katrina"

Advisor: Seyffie Maleki 


Political Science

Sam Robson '13

Topic: "The interpretive autonomy of states in constitutional politics"

Advisor: Bradley Hays 


Justin Bogardus '14

Topic: "Looking east or looking west: China and the global economy in comparative perspective"

Advisor: Mark Dallas



Caitlin Moore '13

Topic: "The effects of independent, combined, or interactive mental and physical exercise on cognitive function"

Advisor: Cay Anderson-Hanley 


Emily Rudolph '13

Topic: "Cybercycle extension: How do the effects of an outdoor bicycle compare?"

Advisor: Cay Anderson-Hanley 


Rachel Magin '14

Topic: "The effects of need for cognition on compliance"

Advisor: George Bizer 


Rhea Howard '14

Topic: "Linking self-monitoring and theories of mind"

Advisor: Kenneth DeBono


Amy Golinker '13

Topic: "Effects of art experience on aesthetic processing"

Advisor: Stephen Romero 



Kathleen Portillo '14

Topic: "Improving student ability to analyze demographic data"

Advisor: Janet Grigsby 



Robyn Belt '14

Topic: Saratoga Shakespeare Company performance intern

Advisor: Patricia Culbert 


Carla Duval '14

Topic: "Action research in world of theater"

Advisor: Patricia Culbert 


Jasmine Roth '14

Topic: "Shakespeare in performance"

Advisor: Patricia Culbert 


Ryan Semerad '13

Topic: "A summer with the Bard"

Advisor: Patricia Culbert 


Visual Arts

Deanna Zembrzuski '14

Topic: "The William James Stillman Photography collection"

Advisor: David Ogawa 


Sheri Park '13

Topic: "Assisting Professor Orellana in preparing an exhibit"

Advisor: Fernando Orellana