Citation by President Stephen C. Ainlay for the Frank Bailey (1885) Prize

Publication Date

The recipient of the Frank Bailey Prize is selected by the faculty and the prize is awarded annually to the senior deemed to have rendered the greatest service to the College in any field.

The recipient of this year’s Bailey Prize has had an enormous impact on the Union campus community – one that we can expect will last for years. Those who nominated our recipient observe “it is impossible for a student who is so active on campus, who devotes so much time to the College, to be literally tireless.” However, they continue, this year’s Bailey Prize recipient “works diligently and with commitment to her fellow students, and to the College, even when she is tired.”

This year’s recipient has served on Student Forum for much of her college career. She also served with distinction on the Committee on Standing. Additionally, she proved an effective leader in our Minerva Program, serving as Chair of Messa House among other responsibilities. In her capacity as Messa House Chair, she had direct oversight responsibility for more than 50 individual events, both academic and social in nature. In successfully executing these events, our Bailey recipient consistently demonstrated an ability to work effectively with faculty, staff, and fellow students.

Perhaps most impressively, our Bailey Prize recipient devoted herself to making the College’s new Honor Code part of the fabric of Union. She served on the Sub-Council on Academic Integrity and played a key role in the design of the Honor Code. She continues to participate in work to improve and strengthen the Code for future members of our community. As Chair of the Honor Council during its first year, our Bailey recipient demonstrated a capacity for and commitment to thorough deliberations, respect, and fairness. Faith in her integrity has bolstered the integrity of the entire Honor Code.

Our Bailey Prize recipient is an exceptionally positive person. As one professor remarked, there are two types of people: those with problems and those with solutions. Our Bailey recipient always has solutions!

It is in recognition of her integrity, dedication, and efforts – efforts made even when she’s undoubtedly been exhausted by her work to change our community for the better – that we present Najiba Keshwani with the Bailey Prize.