Google additional services now available

Publication Date

When the College moved to the Google Apps for Education environment last July, a core group of apps became available to the campus community (Calendar, Drive, Docs, Gmail, Groups, Presentations, Sites, Spreadsheets, and Talk). These core apps are covered by the contract with Google, which means Union owns the data generated by these tools and Google does not index them for advertising purposes. In addition, campus users will not see ads when using these tools.

Google also has other tools available, which are categorized as additional services, and are not covered by the Union College contract. These tools include YouTube, Google+, Picasa web albums, etc. and are covered by the same terms of service and privacy policy that apply to Google’s consumer products. Because of this, the data created while using these tools is not owned by the College, and is indexed by Google and may be used to serve ads. Faculty or staff who wish to access these tools may opt-in to using these services, but need to be aware that use of these apps do not offer the same FERPA, privacy, intellectual property ownership, confidentiality terms and conditions that the core apps do.

ITS will provide support for the Google Apps for Education Core Apps which are included in the College's contract (Calendar, Drive, Docs, Gmail, Groups, Presentations, Sites, Spreadsheets, and Talk). Support for any Google additional service can be found at the Google Help Center.