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As far as they know, in-Training is the only online magazine dedicated exclusively to medical students.

Launched at in-Training.org in June 2012 by Ajay Major ’12 and Aleena Paul ’12, both second-year medical students at Albany Medical College, the peer-edited magazine has published more than 163 articles written by medical students at 40 institutions around the world. It was also recognized in the respected Scientific American Incubator blog, curated by renowned science journalist Bora Zivkovic.

Ajay Major and Aleena Paul

in-Training has become a popular forum for medical students to share their experiences—doubts, worries, successes, dreams, passions. But its contributors also address serious health care issues.

“We’ve published an enormous breadth of content,” Paul said, “including essays by students for and against abortion, the role of research in medical education, op-eds about the need for more LBGT education in medical school, and the use of social media by hospitals in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.”

Major and Paul are thrilled that in-Training has been embraced so quickly.

“Medical schools often exist as disparate islands,” Major said. “That isolation, both geographic and ideological, has historically made communication among medical students difficult and unproductive. We’re hoping to transcend that and provide a connective platform.”

“We believe that when medical students have an outlet, when they can reflect on the happiness and sadness they experience in the wards, and when their voices can be heard, they will become better physicians and stronger patient advocates,” Paul added.

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