Student art work featured in Wikoff exhibit

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By: Dorothy Hazan '16

The latest exhibit at the Wikoff Student Gallery, opening Jan. 30, will feature digital works by Janey Fine '16. The exhibition runs until March 20.

Working on a digital canvas, Fine’s work uses the design principles of Gestalt theory, combined with bold typography. Her intellectually intriguing prints communicate both visually and conceptually with the viewer.

A reception will be held during common lunch Wednesday, Feb. 26.

“I have always been a ‘right-brained’ person, finding inspiration in unconventional aspects of the world around me,” said Fine. “It’s eccentric shapes, colors and sounds that get my artistic juices flowing and allow me to create art that means something to me."

Using these techniques, the artist combines the sentiments and imagery of the 1950s with the raw printing elements and social criticism of the new millennium. Her works take a direct and critical look at both current and past events in order to paint a pleasing, yet provocative picture of society.

“I am interested in the way visual culture affects American society,” said Fine, “And, in my lifetime, I would like to play a part in its creation.”

The Wikoff Student Gallery is located on the third floor of the Nott Memorial, and is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.