People in the news - February 28, 2014

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Charles Steckler, the Dwane W. Crichton Professor of Theater, participated in a “Tartuffe mini-residency” last December at the John Sayles School of the Arts in Schenectady, presenting his work in scenic design and leading discussions with students in the theater program about the staging of Moliere’s theatrical world. He also spent a day at the Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, Mass., presenting a portfolio of his art, design and photographic work to students in the theater and art program. His show, “Charles Steckler: Passing Time,” is currently at the Annex Gallery at Albany International Airport.

An article by Associate Professor of Economics Lewis Davis has been accepted to the Journal of Economic Education. “How to Generate Good Profit Maximization Problems” presents an algorithm for developing profit maximization problems that are “theoretically interesting, economically plausible and computationally simple. Read the article here.

Carol Weisse, professor of psychology and director of the Health Professions Program, was a featured speaker at the evening branch of the Women’s Alliance for the Unitarian Universalist Society of Schenectady. She spoke on the challenges of end-of-life care.

March brings a full month of performances for Hilary Tann, the John Howard Payne Professor of Music. On March 2, the San Domenico Virtuoso program will feature "Water's Edge" for string orchestra. On March 3, violinist Madeleine Mitchell will perform excerpts from "Seven Poems of Stillness" at the Bangor Music Festival in Wales in a concert titled "Night and Day." Also, Tann will be the composer- in-residence at the Women in Music Festival in Hartford, Conn., which includes performances of “Shoji” and “The Walls of Morlais Castle.” Her transcription for piano and solo saxophone of her concerto for oboe and small orchestra, "Shakkei," will be performed by Chien-Kwan Lin and Pi-Lin Ni at the Vienna Saxophone Festival (Austria), Youngstown State University and the North American Saxophone Alliance at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne. Her "Songs of the Cotton Grass" will be performed at Gallery 263 in Cambridge. Mass., on March 22 in an unusual concert titled "Witness," where the audience is asked to be blindfolded.

Jillmarie Murphy, assistant professor of English, published an essay on Ralph Waldo Emerson. "A National Icon" appears in Emerson in Context. (Cambridge University Press)

Christopher Chabris, associate professor of psychology, was quoted in a recent article in Bloomberg Businessweek on Google Glass. Chabris talked about the “visual illusion” that the web-surfing glasses could give drivers who think they’re paying attention to the road. Read the article here.

Geology Professor John Garver was on The Weather Channel's "Waking up with Al" program this week. Garver, who has studied ice jams for years, talked with host Al Roker about a new system along the lower Mohawk River that monitors ice jams. Read more about the ice jam camera here.