Four student artists displaying work in Burns Art Atrium

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By: Dorothy Hazan '16

The Union College Department of Visual Arts will be exhibiting the works of four different students, Miriam Hammer ’14, Jennifer Taubes ’14, Alyssa Rose Adler ’14 and Diana Polanco ’14, as part of the 2014 Interdepartmental Senior Exhibition, titled "Une Exposition Interdépartementale."

Painting Between the Lines: An Exploration of Literature and Poetry Through Watercolor by Miriam Hammer of Needham, Mass. is a recent project of watercolor combined with charcoal, acrylic and ink. An interdepartmental major in English and studio arts, Miriam incorporates her passion for poetry and literature into her artwork by choosing her favorite literary compositions and illustrating them in calligraphy. Her pieces consist of poems by William Blake and Robert Frost, as well as quotations from many renowned authors, including Shakespeare, Toni Morrison, James Joyce and Kurt Vonnegut.

Also on display will be Jennifer Tubes’ Memoryscapes: An Exploration of Digital Memories Through Mixed Media. Jennifer, from Scarsdale, N.Y., is also pursuing an interdepartmental major in English and Studio Arts with a concentration in Digital Media. Memoryscapes is a series of digital images or landscapes that account for several personal experiences throughout her life. The series explores how the use of words, in both typed and handwritten text, combined with meaningful photos and landscapes can evoke feelings of personal and estranged connection.

Alyssa Rose Adler of Farmington, Conn. will be exhibiting a series of landscape paintings and steel sculptures titled An Exploration of American Identity: Landscape Painting and Steel Sculpture. Adler is pursuing a double concentration major with a focus in art history and studio art. Using two mediums, her series explores both individual backgrounds and the larger American identity.

Diana Polanco is a studio fine arts major and math minor from Providence, R.I. Her series, titled Surreal Architecture: Oil Painting and Drawing, explores her interest in architecture and speaks to the individual differences in perception that often go unnoticed in daily life.

These four exhibits will be on display from April 4 to April 16 in the Burns Art Atrium Gallery of the Visual Arts Building. The public is also invited to view the exhibits at the gallery’s opening reception on April 11 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.