Reappointment review committees formed

Publication Date

Reappointment review committees have been formed for the following assistant professors:

Andrew Burkett, English

Takashi Buma, Mechanical Engineering

Students, faculty and alumni are invited to offer written and oral testimony to committee members. Committees (with chairs listed first) are:

Burkett: Hugh Jenkins (; Judy Lewin, English; and Brenda Wineapple, English.

Buma: John Spinelli (; Shane Cotter, Electrical and Computer Engineering; and Cherrice Traver, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

A reappointment review committee has also been formed for Robyn Reed, head of Access Services in Schaffer Library. Members of the campus community are invited invited to offer written and oral testimony to committee members. They are (with chair listed first):

David Fuller (, library; Bruce Connolly, library; and Courtney Seymour, library.

A professional appointment review committee has been formed to evaluate the performance of Elizabeth (Beth) Hoppee, shared resources librarian, for promotion to associate librarian.

Members of the review committee are Donna Burton (Schaffer Library, Chair), Gail Golderman (Schaffer Library), John Myers (Schaffer Library), and Professor Louisa Matthew (Visual Arts). Any member of the campus community, faculty, staff or student, who wishes to provide written comments about Hoppee's professional performance, professional development and scholarship, or college service, should contact one of the committee members no later than May 1. Interviews may be arranged by contacting Donna Burton, committee chair.