Volunteer of the Week- April 3, 2014

Publication Date

Twelve students joined volunteers from two other colleges at the New York City Urban Project (NYCUP) over spring break.

They volunteered and learned about topics including immigration policy and practice, human trafficking, sex trafficking, labor issues, food resources and how people can be more healthy in intake and provision. The trip was funded in part by the Dean of Students office, allowing students to go free of charge.

The students who attended the NYCUP trip were:

Andy Gonzalez '17

Bella Li '17

Catherine Kanama '17

Jamaluddin Aram '17

Joshua Fields '15

Julie Warren '15

Keilah Creedon '14

Lila Nguyen '17

Melissa Harvey '15

Andie Jia '17

Sheila King '17

Rachel Fields '17