College Robotics Crew hardwired for greatness

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By: Dorothy Hazan '16

The Union College Robotics Crew (UCRC) enjoyed tremendous success at the Brown University Robotics Olympiad on Saturday, April 12.

Led by Carson Miller ’15, two teams of Union’s most talented engineering students were tasked with designing and building two completely autonomous robots capable of navigating a standard nine foot by nine foot maze in as short a time as possible. The UCRC entered two robots called Wall-E and Synthia in the maze competition and presented an accompanying design presentation.

The UCRC students on Team Wall-E included Qianyue Guo ‘16, Arsal Habib ’16, Htoo Wai Htet ’16 and Andrew Welch ’15. On Team Synthia were Miller, Trevor Martin ’14 and Samantha Griffiths ’15.

Miller will be presenting information about the UCRC’s “mouse” Synthia at a poster session at the Steinmetz Symposium this year. Information about Synthia’s design will be accompanied by a demonstration of her abilities solving part of the same maze she ran at the Olympiad. Synthia also recently competed in the IEEE Region 1micromouse maze competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.