Employees honored for service to the College

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Close to 200 people gathered in the College Park ballroom this week to honor employees who attained service milestones in 2014. The celebration, held annually since around 1987, recognized the service of over 127 employees, who together have contributed close to 2,625 years of service.

In honoring this year’s cadré of service award recipients, President Stephen C. Ainlay applauded the group’s service and commitment to the Union community.

“This has been an outstanding year,” said Ainlay. “We have had successes not only in athletics but on a number of fronts. We’ve seen the 3rd largest number of students seek admission to Union. We had wonderful response to our Day4U one-day fundraising effort, raising close to a $1 million. Union has never been stronger. We have great institutional momentum and it takes many hands to continue to be successful. What you do makes a difference – to our students and to the community of people around you. “

A traditional part of the program – an historical perspective for each milestone year – was once again an important part of the celebration.

“It’s important to think about what was happening in the world when these employees joined our community, “said Eric Noll, director of human resources. “It not only allows us to take a quick stroll down memory lane but because, for the most part, we can all relate to these references, it offers another way to reinforce that sense of community that is so very specific to Union.”

Noll also offered recognition to Union’s ‘gang of six’ – the longest active service employees, each with 40 or more years of service:

Bob Baker Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy Department

George Schiller, Associate Director of Human Resources, Human Resources

Jim Kenney, Professor of Economics, Economics Department

Charles Steckler, Professor of Theater, Department of Theater and Dance

Steve Berk, Henry & Sally Schaffer Professor of Holocaust & Jewish Studies, History

Joyce Chabot, Printing Manager in Communications

This year’s line-up of service award recipients include:

10 years of service (2003 -04)

Historical tidbits: - Saddam Hussein is captured by American Troops - TV’s top #1 show – Extreme Make Over-Home Edition - Cost of a gallon of gasoline: $ 2.10; milk: $3.75; a stamp: $0.37

Judith Adair Facilities Services-Cleaners

Jack Aiken Facilities Services-Plumbing & Heating

Cay Anderson-Hanley Psychology Department

Leslee Barkley Schaffer Library

Valerie Barr Computer Science Department

Adam Brinker Athletic Department

Suzanne Cascio Research

Amy Chan Dining Services-Dutch Hollow Restaurant

Pei Chan (Pay) Dining Services-Dutch Hollow Restaurant

Joann Cocca Financial Services

Janice Comley Bookstore

Valerie D’Amario UCALL

Cindy Dong Dining Services-Dutch Hollow Restaurant

Debra Fox Alumni Relations

Tammy Gaudin Dining Services - Upperclass

Bo Pederson Geel College Relations

Michael Geraty Campus Safety

Elliott Johnson Dining Services-West College

Tom Lawson Dining Services - Upperclass

William McCarron Dining Services-West College

Ron McDonald Facilities Services-Building Maintainers

Hans Mueller Classics Department

Doug Nickel Facilities Services-Grounds

Mike Polsinelli Athletic Department

Andy Rapoff Mechanical Engineering

Stacie Raucci Classics Department

Pam Rew Records

Audrey Sartiaux (Sar-chew) Modern Languages

Angela Tatem Community Outreach

Laurie Tyler Chemistry Department

Karen Waterman Facilities Services-Cleaners

Francis Wilkin Physics & Astronomy Department

15 Years (1998-99)

Historical tidbits: - House impeaches Pres. Bill Clinton for perjury and Obstruction of Justice - TV’s top #1 shows –Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Cost of a gallon of gasoline: $ 1.17; milk: $3.32; a stamp: $0.32

William Blanchard Campus Safety

A. Michelle Chilcoat Modern Languages Department

Quynh Chu-LaGraff Biology Department

Linda Cobb Facilities Services-Cleaners

Karen Crosby Academic Affairs

Megan Ferry Modern Languages

Andrea Foroughi History Department

David Fuller Schaffer Library

James Hedrick Electrical & Computer Engineering

Robert Hislope Political Science Department

Meg Howley Chemistry Department

David Ogawa Visual Arts

Maritza Osuna Modern Languages Department

Deb Pantalone Dining Services-Dutch Hollow Restaurant

Peter Pearce Dining Services-West College

Bob Perez Dining Services-West College

Brooke Quandt Schaffer Library

Mehmet (Fuat) Sener Economics Department

Don Tallman Registrar’s Office

Anthony Tubelli Campus Safety

John Vieta Facilities Services-Building Maintainers

20 Years (1993 – 94)

Historical tidbits: - U.S. troops leave Somalia after 15 Months - TV’s top #1 show – Seinfeld - Cost of a gallon of gasoline: $ 1.11; milk: $2.88; a stamp: $0.29

Jim Adrian, Jr. Chemistry Department

Anne Cartier Admissions Office

Linda Cool Anthropology Department

Nick Famulare College Relations

Bill Finlay Theater & Dance

Jim Howard Engineering Machine Lab

Mark Iler Facilities Services-Plumbing & Heating

Chad Kasowski Campus Safety

Karen Lou Chemistry Department

Gary Olsen Campus Safety

Tim Olsen Music Department

Steve Schmidt Economics Department

Maria Spychala Dining Services-Dutch Hollow Restaurant

Dave Stern Campus Safety

Maria Stocchetti Dining Services-Dutch Hollow Restaurant

Mary Thackeray Research

25 Years (1988-89)

Historical tidbits: - 5-4 Ruling By Supreme Court That Flag Burning Is Protected Free Speech - TV’s top #1 show – Roseanne - Cost of a gallon of gasoline: $ 1.12; milk: $2.34; a stamp: $0.25

Gerri Casso AOP/HEOP

Jujuan Chandler Facilities Services-Cleaners

Mary Eiffe Schaffer Library

Andy Feffer History Department

Leo Fleishman

Biology Department

Kathie Herrington Music, Visual Arts, Theater & Dance

Aaron Lagasse Facilities Services-Structural & Trades

Scott Montgomery Facilities Services-Plumbing & Heating

Mike Palmer Facilities Services-Plumbing & Heating

Dave Ruel Information Technology Services

Kathy Ryan Chemistry Department

John Scalzetto Facilities Services-Plumbing & Heating

Kate Schurick Dean of Students Office

John Spinelli Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ed Teller Campus Safety

Janice Underwood Campus Safety

Raffaela Viscusi Facilities Services-Cleaners

Richard Wilk Mechanical Engineering Department

Trish Williams Dean of Students Office

Suthathip (Lek) Yaisawarng Economics Department

30 Years (1983-84)

Historical tidbits: - Dow exceeds 1200 for the first time - TV’s top #1 show: Dynasty - Cost of a gallon of gasoline: $1.22 ; milk: $2.26; a stamp: $0.20

Walter Cook Information Technology Services

Brian Fitzgerald Campus Safety

Tina Gleason Institutional Studies

Eshi Motahar Economics Department

Susan Pascazio Registrar’s Office

Ralph Sheehan Facilities Services-Structural & Trade

35 Years (1978-79)

Historical tidbits: - Margaret Thatcher becomes new Prime Minister of Great Britain - TV’s top #1 show – 60 Minutes - Cost of a gallon of gasoline: $0 .86; milk: 1.65; a stamp: 0.15

Penny Adey Registrar’s Office

Marty Benjamin Visual Arts

Doug Klein Economics Department

Brad Lewis Economics Department

Bill Marek Facilities Services-Stockroom

Kathee Natole Athletic Department

Gary Reich Physics & Astronomy Department

Vicky Wain Dining Services-Hale House

40 Years (1973-74)

Historical tidbits: - Richard Nixon resigned as President and Gerald Ford sworn in next day - TV’s top #1 show: All in the Family - Cost of a gallon of gasoline: $0 .53; milk: $1.57; a stamp: $0.10

Yu Chang Electrical & Computer Engineering

Shelton Schmidt Economics Department


Roberta Carlson, Dining Services Specialist, Dining Services-Dutch Hollow

Jennifer Behrens, Counselor, Counseling Center

Yu Chang, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

George Ferro, Manager, Dining Services - Upperclass

Daniel Fuino, Painter, Facilities Services-Structural & Trades

Gloria Hall, Day Cleaner, Facilities Services-Cleaners

David Hayes, Dean of Academic Departments, Professor of Chemistry

Roland Pierson, Director, Engineering Machine Lab, Engineering Machine Lab

Kathryn Quinn, Special Assistant to the President

Gary Reynolds, Associate Head Football Coach, Athletic Department

Ann Thomas, Slide Curator, Visual Arts

John Vieta, Building Maintainer, Facilities Services

Livia Carroll, Administrative Assistant, Modern Languages

Geraldine Casso, Assistant to the Director/Program Coordinator, AOP/HEOP

Susan DiSarro, Cashier/Clerk, Bookstore

Paul Durivage, Jr., Lead Stationary Engineer, Facilities Services-Plumbing & Heating

Eleanora Esposito, Dining Services Worker, Dining Services-Dutch Hollow Restaurant

Ellen Fladger, Head of Special Collections, Librarian, Schaffer Library

Thomas Jewell, Carl B. Jansen Professor of Engineering, Environmental Engineering

Linda Jorgensen, Technical Secretary, Mathematics Department

Judith Ludwig, Executive Secretary, Dean of the Faculty/Academic Affairs

Robert Montana, Assistant Director of Athletics/Varsity Sports Services, Athletics