Rite of summer: Campers flock to campus

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Not long after the last name of graduating seniors is called at Commencement, the campus mood shifts into summer camp mode.

Gone are most of the 2,200 students who call Union home from September to June; instead, they are replaced by just over half that number of young people exploring their academic and athletic interests.

Walk by the Chester Arthur Courtyard near Henle Dance Pavilion, and it’s hard not to notice (or hear) the syncopated leg and foot movements of participants in the Irish Dance program.

Visit Science and Engineering to find middle and high school students immersed in an intensive three-week learning opportunity through the STEP summer camp focused on math, science and technology.

Or peek in the Viniar Athletic Center, and you might catch the next LeBron James or Diana Taurasi at youth basketball camps.

From robot camp to swim camp, Union has shared its historic campus with a variety of groups and organizations each summer.

The camps are critical in introducing outsiders to life at Union, while also providing an economic boost to the school at a time when many students and faculty are away.

“We try to make all of our summer visitors feel very welcome,” said Mary D’Amelia, director of Special Events, Conference and Support Services.

“For many of our summer camp participants and their parents, it’s their first time on campus and we want them to walk away with a feeling that this a wonderful place to go to school.”

Here are some of the camps Union is hosting this summer:


STEP Program

For a list of sports camps, click here.